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Jodi - posted on 08/26/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




does all fish oil in tablet form? i want to start it with my 6 year old son, but he can not swallow the tablets. Does it come in liquid form? And does anyone thinks it help with behavioral issues?


Araceli - posted on 10/22/2009




My daughter is now 11 and has ADHD and Dyslexia. She was given Ritalin at age 8 without proper diagnose. I started her off with the Ritalin to find out it was not for her. My daughter was not herself the happy child I know. These medications given to children with behavior problems are all mind altering. Withdrawal for her was just horrible. I could not bare to see her come off that drug. She was in tears and complained of a headache and looked distraught. I read reports on fish oil and tried it. My daughter lover little critters in the gummy form. I can tell when she has not had her dose. I am 100% happy with the results I get from the fish oil vitamin.

Robyn - posted on 08/26/2009




Lil Critters makes a gummy form that isn't too bad that my little boy takes. It has lemonade flavors and is in the shape of chewy fish. It has no artificial fkavors,colors or preservatives either which is good. It comes in a bottle with a green label that says Omega 3 Gummy fish Brain Booster. We have gotten it at Target and at Walgreens before, it is usually with the kid multivitamins.

I would also agree it helps with behavior issues. My son has food allergies we think that drive most of his problems but this really helps. We notice a difference when he skips a couple of days.

Christine - posted on 08/26/2009




My son is 5 and I give him metagenics omega care for kids. It is in a liquid form and contains 4.5grams of fish oil. I have just started giving it to him but his chiropracter has told me it usually takes a month before a noticeable difference in behaviour occurs.

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Robyn - posted on 10/22/2009




About a week or so, but the difference is noticeable. My son saw a naturopath since I posted about the gummy fish oil my son takes, and she reccomends the fish oil gels (they are strawberry flavored) made by Nordic Naturals also as they have a higher dose than the others. My son turned out to have an allergy to refined sugar and red food dye and since we changed his diet and upped the fish oil everyone says he is a different kid. No more dark circles under his eyes and he has much more focus. I can always tell if he cheated though as he starts acting up again.

Valerie - posted on 10/22/2009




thanks guys, I have a 5 yr old boy with adhd and I keep reading about this fish oil. It is good to know people are trying it with their kids and IT IS WORKING. I am going to get a bottle for my son tomorrow. How long did it take before you saw a difference?

Veronica - posted on 08/26/2009




i only have the omegaIIIs in gel tablets -- a true and pure fish oil stinks - i mean you can clear a room with it -- but our capsule absorb within 8 to 20 minutes. done and over with.

And yes, I would agree that it does help with behavioral issues -- this product is essential for promotion of development, and overall health.

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