hi i really need some support.. i am going through a very difficult time, my son is 6 years old, he throws tantrums all the time, screams and yells, he is usually a very nice boy but he has to get whatever he wants..i guess it is a very normal stage, but i am just falling apart, i have no family here i am not from here and just lost my mother who used to give me all the support i need, i feel like a bad parent because sometimes i loose it and i start yelling i even spank sometimes which i hate doing... i love my children and i try my best with them i am just so tired, i also have a 17 months old that keeps me up all night until now!!! i dont like to punish i cannot do it, tried to but cannot. i am just so confused a down.

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NSR - posted on 09/13/2012




thank you so much, your words really helped :) i have to try and ignore these tantrums when they are unexplained because sometimes he is just acting up bad...sending him up to his room will not work with him because he will get scared and will simply make the tantrum even worse, he will follow me wherever i go, screaming and nagging of course :), will try to ignore it then.

thank you again so much for your kind words and support.God bless you..

Bridget - posted on 09/13/2012




I have been there my six year old can get that way too. I also have a three year old and five year old that throw tantrums sometimes too. What i do with mine is i send them to their rooms until they cool down. If they start throwing things in their room i take away the toy that they threw, My six year old had nothing in her room at one point besides a bed and her dresser because she was acting up so bad. I know exactly how you feel you are not a bad parent one person can only take so much we are only human. I hope this helps if your ever need anyone to talk to feel free to add me :)

Amy - posted on 09/13/2012




Does he go to school? Does he do this at school too or just at home? What usually triggers these episodes, what is the root cause? For instance is he getting enough sleep at night? Have you tried completely ignoring the tantrums and I mean ignore like let him carry on for as long as he wants and just keep walking away from him? My son is 6 and we have established a very strict routine which seems to have helped cut down on the tantrums. However there are times when he does have a tantrum and he gets sent to his room until he calms down, we don't even check on him he comes back down when he's calm and ready to behave.

At school they do a rewards chart so each day they start at green and they can either stay there if they behave all day or they can drop down to yellow which is a warning, orange means they lose 5 minutes of recess, and red means they lose the whole recess and a letter gets sent home. At the end of the week they bring home a colored graph that lets us know where they were each day. So if he gets all green he gets to sleep in our bed on Friday night. You can try setting something up at home that

s similar to that.

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