How can I lessen the hyperactive behavior of my 6 years old daughter?

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Lisa - posted on 03/27/2009




Perhaps try keeping a food diary, then you can see if her behaviour is related to what she eats. A lot of kids react to the various additives there are these days.

Also maybe find something for her to do, gymnastics, dance, that sort of thing.

Karen - posted on 03/27/2009




Most six year olds a hyperactive at some time. I started my boys playing a sport outside of school hours. Maybe something like dancing or gymnastics might be beneficial.

Jennie - posted on 03/24/2009




I don't know if this will help, but I've noticed what my children eat has a BIG impact on their behavior.  Sugar and really snacky-type food that are pre-prepared are horrible!  My kids just cannot metabolize sugar, red dye #40, or those types of snacks (chips, party mix, cookies, crackers, etc.).  We have to give them (ages 11, 5, & 2) fresh veggies w/ salad dressing, fresh fruit, cheese or summer sausage as snacks.  Otherwise, the behavior issues are just aboslutely ridiculous.  It's worst w/ my 11-year old step-daughter, but a lot of her issues are from attention, as Aimey mentioned in her reply.  I did have to remove all candy (Halloween and Valentine's Day are rough around here) and limit what kind of "treats" they are allowed to have.

Aimey - posted on 03/24/2009




Dear Ann,

as a mother of three lovely children, two of which have a tendency to be extremely hyperactive, I have found that one on one time with each of my children truly does

affect their mood.   I think that sometimes children who have extra energy will over

exaggerate the need they have for that attention by playing noisily or rambunctiously

because they really dont know that attention is what they need.  I dont mean to say that you are NOT giving your daughter attention.     What i mean to say rather , is that hyperactive children instinctively turn up the decibals when they are lacking something and generally speaking, calm and pleasant interaction from someone who loves them will alleviate this.

They do not merely need you to LOOK at them as much as they want the interaction. 

I am also a Sunday School and Children's church helper,and i can tell you having seen quite a few children that some children are just wired that way.   They will have thier calmer times, but for the most part, these children will be moving, bouncing and generally in motion all of the time.   Try not to be focused on the movement as much as more crucial things that are offensive to others and you.     A fidgity child is harmless, but a fidgety child who is kicking thier neighbors chair is a nuisance.   Draw the line for yourself and try to avoid correcting the child unless they cross it.    When they do, let them know exactly what they are doing to bother others and expect them to  stop.    Give them somthing to do instead of the bad behavior, such as "grow roots" into the chair.   they will imagine ways to do this but thier focus will be on thier own chair instead of the sound of kicking thier neighbors chair, which is probably the only thing that motivated them to do it in the  first place.

i sure hope this helps

Sincerely, Aimey S Williams

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