How do I get my 8 yr old to sleep in her own bed?


Joanna - posted on 09/16/2012




Hi Mary,

At this age, it's hard to break a routine, I presume she's been sleeping in your bed for 8 years? She's also at an age where you can explain it to her, discuss it and agree some rules. You have to be firm though! Does she have a nice bedroom of her own? If she's never had her own room, make it special, a growing-up rite of passage type thing. Then maybe stay with her until she's gone to sleep; I think it's going to be hard enough without trying to leave her there to settle on her own. I've never had this problem, but I have spent many evenings sitting in the hall outside my kids' rooms, putting them back to bed when they got up. Even with bad dreams, when they come to my bed I will let them stay for a cuddle, then send them back or take them back to bed. Ever since they've been out of cots, they've never spent the night in my bed, even when I would have liked them too; I felt it was too important to give them a good sleep routine. (Bar one nasty tummy bug that went round the family- me in one bed with one child, hubby plus other child in spare room!)

Hope that's a little helpful.

Make it positive, and be firm!

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