How do I get my kids to be more responsible with their homework?

Sandra - posted on 10/16/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My oldest son Andrew will turn 12 soon and is in 6th grade. My middle son Michael is 9 and a half and in 4th grade. I have two separate problems. Andrew waits til the last minute to do a homework project or study for a quiz/test. Michael has been getting notices home from his teacher saying that his homework is incomplete or he doesn't have the materials he needs at school or at home sometimes. I need some advice on how to handle these two problems.


Pamela - posted on 10/21/2012




First of all, you need to monitor your children. That is your responsibility as a parent. Check the backpack at night and make sure they have them ready at night after homework is done so that it is ready simply to pick up and go in the morning.

With Michael sit there with him as he gathers the needed materials and puts them in his backpack each night. Ask the teacher to remind him to gather anything he needs to bring home from school for that day. Many teachers give the homework at a certain time of the day and tell the students to put it in their backpacks at that time. Check with Michael's teacher to se when this is done in her class and bring Michael's attention to the fact that he needs to LISTEN while at school.

For Andrew, set a time for the homework to be done. Set rules. No TV or other recreation until the homework is completed. Best for this to happen as soon as he comes home from school or as close to that time as is possible. Check up on him. Give him a time limit. If he balks and the work is not done at the time set, then he loses a privilege.

Sounds like you just need to understand that children need to be monitored until they show that they have reached a level of maturity that does not need as much monitoring. Children are not meant to rear themselves, that's why God gives them parents! LOL!!!

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I would talk to your childs teacher and ask that she send a note on what needs to be studied or homework given daily, at least for awhile til they get more responsible with their homework. I have twin daughters that are 12 and in 6 th grade. We made a rule in our house that as soon as home from school they get a snack and then they study for at least 1 hour and do homework pages before anything else. If they fail to do this we take away games or T.V privilages. This works well for us as both my girls are straight A students so far. I hope this helps, preteens can be a challange.

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Jill - posted on 10/18/2012




Since they began kindergarten, my sons have had the same after school routine for regular homework.

Come home, get a snack if wanted, do homework. They do not get the option of waiting until the last minute. Unless they need the computer, homework is always done in the kitchen. They do not get to play, watch tv, or do anything else until the work is done.

(Special cases apply to large and long-term projects, of course.)

For a while, I would look at their homework to see that it is complete before it goes back into their backpacks. My 12 year old (7th grade) really doesn't need that oversight anymore because the routine is long-established.

My 10 year old has a single 'take home folder' that goes back and forth between school and home. My 12 year old has a binder with six folders for different subjects that goes back and forth.

The schools here use planners and write down homework and upcoming tests. The parents are always kept informed about what is going on. You may need to ask for better communication with their teachers.

As for materials, we keep school supplies and school and have duplicate supplies at home. That way things don't need to come back and forth, getting left where they do not belong. If they run out of something at school, I send more.

Set homework/study rules. Stick to them, even on Fridays, and it will become an ingrained habit. Be involved in their schooling. Supervise until it sticks. It could take longer than you wish, but you're getting a late start. Better now than trying to do it at high school age.

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