How self disciplined does an 8 yr. old have to be to go to a Montessori school?

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And will the teachers/staff be able to motivate him in a positive way?

The content of the work he's doing at school now is too easy, however he just does not like to write even though he's able to come up with great stories. He's beginning to have behavior problems and they continue to ignore my requests. We're thinking of the Montessori School because it still has every subject available and it teaches children to respect each other.

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Ellen - posted on 10/02/2010




I would like to address the comment by Connie before I tell you what I know about Montessori education. Connie, please point me to your source that claims Montessori has been proven to cause severe social problems in some children and that usually all suffer some minor problem. Also, what do you mean by "all of the other negative affects" (sic) Indeed, Montessori teaches the names of letters. You are mistaken. You are also mistaken about group learning.

I teach yoga at a montessori school. The main difference from a public school education is that your child will be in a class with children of many ages.

Check out the school you are interested in as there are different styles within the montessori style. See how you feel about it. Your child will have a choice about the work he does. There is a focus on independence. The montessori teachers I work with are quite strict. I would say this is typical of montessori education, but i still think you will need to visit the school to see for yourself. Do you feel that your child will benefit from strict teachers?

In conclusion I will tell you that the students I teach (just yoga) at our local montessori school are academically advanced as compared to their public school peers.

Julie - posted on 11/09/2009




I don't know much about Montessori Schools but do agree with Connie that you should contact the principal and start from there. Work your way up the ladder of commands. Someone should help you. Good luck

Connie - posted on 11/09/2009




Be careful. Montessori Schools have methods created by an Italian woman, Maria Montessori, there were meant for children that have special needs. Their methods are unusual, to say the least. For example, they are very into independent learning - opposed to group learning/projects. This has been proven to create severe social issues in some children, and usually all suffer some minor problem.

They do not teach names of the letters of the alphabet - the only teach the sounds.

Although their math program is shown to help children progess significantly, it would be heathier to find another to challenge your child because of all the other negative affects. Be sure to tour, observe, and full understand their methods before you make your decision.

As far as your problem with your school, I would begin by writing a formal request for help to the principal - they have to set a meeting with you. I suggest you bring a child advocate with you. If nothing comes from that, write the districts superintendent. Last step would be to contact your states Board of Education. The Department of Child and Family Services is also a great resource. Good luck!

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