How to change bad behavior my Kindergarten at shool?

Joanna - posted on 01/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need advice. My son in Kindergarten. He was only one child for 5,5 years.Now we have 8 months old baby boy.Academicly he is doing above normal. Teacher just send him to get tested for Gifted and Talented. However we have problems with behavior....since he was little. He was always very demanding, strong minded, he know what he wants, very outspoken, a lot of ideas. He constantly moves, very active. Teachers (from PreK and K) say he does not have ahdd. One day he throw other kid lunch to garbage. He said that was a game...and he said sorry and gave him candy from his lunch as a sorry. Teacher says that he is very playful and some kids thinks its too much. He got problem to sit still on circle time. He does not have nobody to play at home (child), no cousins or other kids around. Teacher says that he will mature and that he needs to work on his self control. I do not want him to have label Bully. I ask him everyday, remind him rules, try to reason....sometimes he says I do not why I did that....Im tired of constant reminders or listening what he did next at school. Any advise what to do so he can behave better at school. He his a bossy boy. thanks


Kristin - posted on 01/16/2012




Does his teacher give out "stamps" for good behavior? My oldest was acting out in Kindergarten and we finally started taking things away from him when he didn't get a "stamp" for good behavior. After about a month it started to work and he started to act better. (when he would go a week with all good stamps we would get him a small treat)

I know at five there isn't much you can take away, mainly favorite toys, tv shows, etc.

Using positive and negative reinforcement is a great tool to help modify behavior.

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