how to cope with 9 year old girl who has started puberty?

Julie-Ann - posted on 10/17/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 9 years old and a few months ago, during visit to doctor, the doctor told us that daughter had early signs of puberty, spots on face and bum. So what with the mood swings, more argumentative, more sullen, and more nasty ness coming from her, i was not surprised. However, she now starting to get hair on her labia, which is itching her awfully, what can I do to help her, and reduce the rows and screaming matches we have?

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I got our daughter a book called "The Care and keeping of YOU: The Body Book for Girls" It's published by American Girl and it's great. It explains things in a clear manner and really encourages talking to your parents about your feelings and such. Here's a link to it on

There's also another one called "The Feelings Book" and a journal for girls as well.

Our daughter just turned 8, but we've noticed the mood swings and such as well, so we got this book and I read it with our daughter - it's wonderful!

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