I have a 4 year old boy that won't talk and will have nothing to do with potty training.

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Can anyone help? I took him to speach therapy and all they wanted to do was to teach him sign language. It is not that he can't talk, he just doesn't. He says some words like Mom, Dad, wow, bull,yee-haw, Ma, Pa. I am at my wits end. Please Help!


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This is a tough one. My sister went thru the same thing with her 4 year old. She finally got him to speak and potty trained just his year. She tried a lot of things. Lots of rewards(he wasn't very receptive to toys, it was TV/computer time and encouragements). Lots of yelling. Lots of headaches. But in the end, he had to be ready for it and he had to want to do it. She was all ready to send him in for testing to see if there's something wrong with him. He's still not as talkative or as mature as other 4 year olds but i can see that he's learning and catching up every day. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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My daughter only spoke to her eldest sister until she started school. She never spoke t any of the family and i only ever got the odd word out of her. She was refered to a speech therapist and taught sign language after 2 years of tests and many visits to the speech and language therapist they could not explain why. They could tell that she could understand everything that was being said to her from her facial expressions she just didn't want to talk! Yet once she started school she started talking she was discharged from the speech and language therapist within the 2nd term of school and now we can't keep her quiet!!! so don't worry your chld is obviosly just happy so got no need to talk!

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My daughter had the same problem, she was 4 when I had an evaluation done by our local school district. They put her in special ed because she had speech problems.. so she started pre-school and didn't really start talking till she was 5.  She was in special ed  till 7th grade.. now she is in 8th grade is scoring proficiant to advanced in all her classes.. and I cant get her to shut up now..lol I think that as long as he is saying some words he will be fine. Kids are all different and some learn faster than others.. I would have loved for my daughter to learn sign language.. :) 

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let them teach your son sigh language, they dont want to teach it to him because they dont think he can talk it because its still language and it uses the same part of the brain as spoken lauguage. it will hel him learn how to talk. my son didn't talk till he was almost 4, he's in grade 1 now and i cant get him to be quiet most of the time lol, 

also i would push to see a pedatric doctor and ask to have your son tested if there is something more wrong you want to get it diganosed befor he starts school, it can make all the difference in most case 

hope this helps 

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We have lots of speech issues to-it does sound like you do need some help! We're doing language therapy now-to put it simply your saying that the speech problem isn't in the mouth(which is why you'd need speech therapy) it's in the brain. They're working with my 4 and 5 yr olds (http://www.erinishope.com/) and I think it's going well! I'm sure you don't live near me but Julie Pollard-Licklider at erin is hope and the pollard-licklider clinic is AWESOME and I'm sure if you can't find a place that does language therapy she might be able to help you find one.

What does your dr say? Have you been to a developmental specialist? Is he running and kicking a ball, skipping?

Ooooh...I think kids were made so moms would have something to worry about!
Take care!

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This happened to my friends son and eventually she found out he needed gromets cause he couldn't hear properly so couldn't pick up words properly and found alot of people couldn't understand him and didn't take the time to try so he wouldn't talk, since he's had the gromets his speech has came on brilliantly.... worth asking your doc about...

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My son had the same speech problems....I let them teach him whatever they wanted.  Once he got used to them he really started to take off.   Within a month he was saying more words by two months he was saying sentences.  He is 5 now and still has a lot of trouble in school beacause he is behind.....but he can really talk my head off now!!!

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