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Hey all I have 2 boys (almost 8 and almost 9), As you all who have boys would know at this age they have so many toys and they seem to just be getting all ova the place.

Walk in there room and toy boxes are over flowing toys stacked on top of each other.

Any Ideas on what I can do or build in there room to help them keep it neater?? but still give them access to there toys



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I run a dayhome and have multiple toys, and ones that are too big to stick in baskets. I got one of those Ikea Shelves
and it's worked wonders! I also cut out pictures from magazines and taped them to the front to indicate what toys goes where ( a picture of hotwheels indicates thats the car bucket)
The kids clean up themselvs, and find what they need. It's also at their height level. I also have a wall mounted shelf for books, movies and other little things ( all in see-through plastic baskets) that they can see, but need an adult to get down. That way, they are kept in good condition.
Also, consider some extra seating that has storage in it, or an ottoman with storage in it.
The underside of my train table has 2 velcro straps attatched to the top underneath ( that I stapled on myself) that i use to strap in our playtent and crawling tunnel.
Big dinosaurs and the hot wheels garage I just sit on top of the shelf by themselves.

If you want storage in their rooms, consider adding a small shelf inside the closet that goes from ceiling to floor. PUt baskets in side that are see through so little toys can go in, and they can see whats inside. Use it along side 2 side- mounted poles used to hang clothes, and it will work wonders for them!
Also, consider the space around their beds. Use the sides and wall above to possibly get the hubby to make a built-in shelves. Here is a great example :

If they have separte rooms, you can consider this bunk bed ( variations are available all over the place ) Use the spaces underneath to store clear baskets and all sorts of things.

Store mementos and other items in boxes along a high-mounted " floating" shelf.

Give the illusion of more space by taking off the closet doors, and instal a curtain they can just sweep aside.

Take advantage of any nooks and corners they have and install floating shelves and / or a small bookcase with clear baskets

Get and underbed trolly that they can pull out and store seasonal clothes in , to free up room in their closet or to store and play mats, fort supplies,.. etc.

Toy boxes are great, but they can only hold so much and can easily get messy. Think of maybe trying to put them side by side, on one wall, and adding 2 floating sheles above them. Then, see if you and hubby can make cabinets to go on either side of the toy boxes, and again, one large one all across. This will give the wall the look of a built in, but it;s easily movable.

Hope that helped :)

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In about 2 or 3 years they will outgrow most of those toys and only want to play video games and legos. So don't build anything permananet

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