Is Saginaw ISD in Fort Worth Texas a good school for a child with PDD-NOS?

Scduckworth - posted on 04/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am currently in the Birdville school district in Ft Worth Texas and am trying to find out if I should move into the Saginaw or Keller school districts. If anybody has any experience with any of these districts please, any information would be greatly appreciated. I forgot to mention my daughter is 6 years old and has PDD-NOS. She is very high functioning therefore is caught in the middle between doing very well in her special needs class where they mainstream her 4 hours a day in a kindergarten class but she is no where near where she needs to be compared to the kindergarten class, if that makes any sense.


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I know this post is a little old, but I came across your post and wanted to warn you against Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD. My family and I moved to this district 3 years ago and it has been nothing but a nightmare. My son has PDD-NOS, sensory integration, ADHD, and so forth. They refuse to acknowledge the PDD even though he has been diagnosed by multiple doctors/therapists, will not modify for his sensory and has been verbally abused multiple times. The school told me his behavior plan is too broad and that is why the special ed teacher misunderstood she could not yell at my son and place him in "cool down" for an hour. The school protected the teacher and when I tried to make adjustments to fix his behavior plan from being "too broad" they refused and I have had to resort to hiring an advocate and I am still fighting them at this time. They do not communicate, I have had to demand communication logs be added to my sons behavior plan just so I have an idea of what is happening. They will not let me in the resource room, they just recently told me they did not follow my sons behavior plan after he threw a bottle at another student because he did not have a behavior after the incident so they put him in a chair in the middle of the office where no one waited with him until the asst principal was available, didn't do an incident report, did not call me till the end of the day, and then told me the wrong information. They still believe they did nothing wrong, apparently if a child hurts another child it does not require following the behavior plan as long as they do not have a behavior afterward. Makes no sense to me. I have heard really good things about Keller ISD, my advocate lives in that area and has said they are one of the best. In all honesty though it all depends on who you work with and you keeping yourself informed because majority of the time you wont be. I have heard of a couple other parents having good experiences in EMSISD, but it is hit and miss. However, I am not the only one having problems or that have had problems in the past with this district. Again it all depends on who you get. DO NOT go to Parkview Elementary!!

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