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My son only knows one school, the one he's been at since kindergarten. During a parent/teacher conference I disclosed to his teacher that we live in a different city out of the district boundaries. And now he has until Oct. 29, 2010. What should I do?

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I would agree to petition the school board. Do your schools honor out-of-boundary students with a paid tuition? Is the school he currently attends maxed out over capacity? No Child Left Behind does state that a child can attend other schools if the home-school is failing. But there are other clauses and wording that you may be able to find a loophole. Also, go to the school district's home page and seek the Governing Board manual. It's an enormous 1200+ page document, but there is a section for student boundaries. There should be a statement that is school board policy that dictates boundaries and out of district placements. (I learned all this through my School Law & principal internship coursework) I also send my son to a school outside of my home district for a variety of reasons, and I live in Arizona. While I di dnot have to peition the school board, I did have to fill out an application for out-of-boundary students. It all boils down to tax dollars and # of students in the classrooms. The school you send your kids to do not receive your tax dollars. That is why in some cases, you may be asked to pay a tuition. However, the school also reports the number of kids enroleld and does get funding per pupil. Try to work things out and meet with the principal and school board. Best of luck to you!

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You can go to the school board. They will be able to let him stay there if there is no over crowding. They have worked with many families in our area because one school is better then another.

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