My 4+ has just started going to school and is super excited,,she is very well with her learning and is a quick learner however to my surprise her teacher the very first day was like she knows more then all kids and needs to slow down..i m still wondering wht she meant??


Atasha - posted on 09/06/2012




She thinks your kid is too advanced and needs to bore herself to death sitting at the pace of her peers. If I were you I would try talking with the principal and teacher about maybe putting her into a kindergarten/grade one split. Kindergarten AM and grade one PM. There are a few students in the school here doing that because they were too smart and got bored waiting for classmates to catch up. If you keep her back with her peers she could get bored and become disruptive (not intentionally). If this happens then her learning curve could be squashed and she won't be as eager to learn in the future. Good luck and I hope this helps. :)

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