My 5 1/2 year old daughter has been waking up in the night screaming and not being able to speak coherently. It takes up to ten minutes to get her out of this


Michelle - posted on 02/04/2012




It might possibly be night terrors, but with the seizure issue I would talk to your doctor about it to make sure it isn't related to that.

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Cara - posted on 02/08/2012




Once she is 'awake' does she remember screaming? My friend's daughter does this (gave me a heart attack the first time she stayed overnight with us). She will suddenly just sit or stand up and start screaming. She seems to be awake, but isn't. It is similar to sleep walking.

With your daughter having a medical disorder, it is worth getting her checked out to be sure it isn't something serious.

Tricia - posted on 02/05/2012




Both of my twins had night terrors and have now grown out of them. However, with the generalized seizure disorder you should follow up with your doctor. Night terrors are so hard to deal with. As a mom, you feel helpless because they are scared and screaming but not even awake. We used to use small tasks for the twins to do to help them wake up fully; like drink some juice or milk, go the bathroom, or just have them sit up and ride it out. Please check wtih your doctor though about this to make sure it doesn't have anything to do wtih the seizure disorder. God Bless.

Allison - posted on 02/04/2012




sorry need to finish question.......after her "episode" she complains of a headache most of the time. She also has been diagnosed with a "generalized seizure disorder" and is currently taking Trileptal for her seizures. After she comes out of an episode she suddenly falls into a deep sleep. Please help!

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