My 6 year old boy can NOT chew solid food!

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Yes this is right, my six year old boy can not chew his food.
He has to have liqudised food. When given food with lumps in it he chokes. We have had numours doctors appointments and hospital appointments, and we now have a speech theapist and nothing i repeat NOTHING is working. This has been going on all his life. and it is a big big strain on me. He is at school and has lunch there home made and liquidised. He only likes 2 meals, and refuses to eat anything else, of course i try new food with him but he will sit there and scream and cry and his behaviour turns sour. I am in my 40's but concernd Its going to push me to a heart attack or a break down. We are just not reiciving enough help.


Tonie - posted on 09/06/2011




Wow, I am not sure on this one what to do? What has his doctor's said. Have you took him to a ent doc. just to look at the throat? What kind of test have they run. I would find some specialist in your area and demand an answer. I will be thinking and praying for you.

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