my 6 year old daughter has lower abdominal pain


Sarah - posted on 02/19/2009




Where the pain is located would be helpful.

Ask your family doctor.

If you think it might be constipation try giving her lots of good fluids like water and 100% juices and good fiber filled fruits and vegetables. Try to stay away from dairy, wheat, bananas, sugary foods, and any other constipating foods.

If its not constipation...

Is she upset about something or someone. Find someone she does trust for her to talk about the issue or person(s) involved so it can be resolved.

Is any one bullying or bothering her at school or daycare?

Does she play with dolls? Without her knowing listen to the dolls conversations and actions the next time she does. Sometimes its helpful to find out what's going on in her life.

Does she lift things that are too heavy for her? If so have a doctor check for a hernia.

Does she have a food allergy like eggs, corn, soy, gluten or dairy? Try spinkling or adding digestive enzymes into her applesauce or smoothie. I like Digest Gold by Enymedic. Get her tested for food allergies or try taking out each of the above for 2 weeks one at a time and see if that helps and then the 3rd week add it back in and see how she reacts to it. If the ache comes back when the food is added back then leave that item out of her diet. Do some research on food allergies and kids.

I hope this helps.

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Melissa - posted on 02/19/2009




If her symptoms continue and she develops fever, nausea, or decreased appetite you might consider Appedicitis. This can be masked by several other things, concluding  gastroenteritis (stomach flu).

I would ask you doctor if her symptoms persist. He will know what tests to order. Keep a food diary too if the symptoms come and go.

Sarah may be on to something with the food allergies. But I woudn't try enzymes without talking to your doc first since you don't yet know what your dealing with.

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