my 6 year old daughter still wets her pants she say's she can't feel it comming out dose anyone else have a similar problem we have seen doctor after doctor and no help


Crystal - posted on 01/22/2009




My daughter did this until she got a social life. When we moved into a neighbourhood with lots of kids her age she started making the effort to go on time. She had told us that she couldn't feel it, but I guess she just needed a reason not to. Doctors often won't do anything until they're 9 or older. My daughter had to decide that she didn't want her friends to see her pee her pants I guess.

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Tracy - posted on 01/22/2009




My daughter had the same problem (now 7)... It is untill just recently that she has stopped. Her Dr. had said that there is a hormone that triggers the mind to let you know that you have to pee. Sometimes, they do not produce enough of this hormone until after 6 years old. It just became less and less often that it happened. I did find that once she was in school full time that she paid more attention due to the fact that she did not want her firends to see her wetting herself. It also helps to notice when she is doing the "pee-pee dance" or looking uncomfortable.

Be careful to make sure there is no other problems. My daughter has seasonal allergies and gets ear infections. apparently when they are sick, they make less of the hormone that they need to "feel" the pee.

Hope that helps...

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