My 7 years son is going to receive his report card for the first time, he told me he is so nervous and expect to be top 3 of the class. How should I prepare myself? How to react if he become the top three or if he is not, what should I say?


Jen - posted on 05/27/2012




Where do you live that they would tell a child at 7 years old where he ranks in his class? Regardless of how his grades actually are (and you should already have some sense of that from conferences and progress reports), I would encourage him to always do his best and not to compare himself to other people. If he's doing his best, tell him how proud you are. If it looks like he may be struggling in some subjects, ask his teacher about how to help him. Both of you should forget about top 3 anything, and come back to that when he's in HS, if at all.

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Michelle - posted on 05/31/2012




Yeah, I agree with the other posters on "Huh?". What kind of elementary school grades on the top whatever. And really who cares (at this age). BTW, I don't mean to be disparaging or dismissive of your concerns or anything. But really unless he's having difficulties in a certain area or maybe he's exceeding and needs to be tested for TAG or something he shouldn't be having this pressure at 7 yrs old. Remember colleges/Universities don't actually ask for elementary school transcripts. It sounds like your child is doing an outstanding job, but where is he getting the pressure for grades. The parents or the school or himself?

My children's elementary school doesn't have grades. They have NM (not meeting), M (meeting), and E (exceeding). Anyways that's not what you are asking.

Whether your child is in the "Top 3" or not sounds like he is working hard and doing an excellent job. Tell him that and that you are proud of him. It doesn't matter where he 'falls' as long as he's doing his best to his ability. Also, find out why he is so worried about 'making' it or not. Is it a status symbol or does he get a reward from the school or teacher or what? Also, what Jennifer said was good about doing his best and not comparing himself to others.

Good luck!

Erika - posted on 05/27/2012




Either way you tell him how proud you are of him for working so hard and doing so well. you talk to his teacher about how you can help him to improve - in the UK we don't get told who is better or worse than our child only how they are doing against the national average. Mine have had reports from nursery and school since they were 3 the eldest is now 6 and I tell them how much I love them they get a special treat if the report is good my younger one had issues at nursery where they said he was hitting and biting so we went over rules and worked on why he was annoyed he is not perfect but a lot better and I keep telling him that NOTHING will stop me loving him but when he is mean and nasty to other people I and they do not like him very much. he seems to understand this as a concept
Hope that helps

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