my daughter has been complaining that she cant hear all the way in her ears...she said that herears dont hurt, just that she can't hear all the way....i tried peroxide and swim ear in her ears....anything else i can try?


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I hope you have corrected your daughter's problem but I just caught the post and thought I would share what just happend with my 11 year old daughter.  She had complained off and on of ear pain and often asked me to repeat what I was saying to her.  I didn't really think much about it until she was up all night about a week ago with an ear ache.  I took her to the Dr. first thing in the morning...........he looked in her ear with his instrument and could not see a thing because of all of the wax build up.  The nurse came in and carefully cleaned out her ears (warm rubbing alcohol soak in the ear for 5 minutes, then warm water shot into her ear with a syringe).  I was absolutely disgusted by what came out of her ear.  I would not attempt to do this on my own.  It turned out she did have an infection in one ear, so the Dr. prescribed antibiotics.  She can hear so much better now.  She walked into the kitchen the next morning and asked my why the microwave was making so much noise, she had no idea it sounded like that all the time.  Her appetite has picked up greatly also.

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Brittany - posted on 12/14/2008




I've heard of using a little bit of cooking oil in the ear, and then having them lay there head to the side while holding a napkin under the ear to catch the cooking oil and what not when it comes out. Never have tried this myself, but I have heard of it.

Amanda - posted on 12/12/2008




Have you taken her to a doctor yet? I would recommend doing so right away. Your ears aren't something you want to mess with. I know that mineral oil works for ear wax, but what if that's not what's wrong? Hopefully there isn't any real problem, but better to find out now. Have some hearing tests done and make sure it isn't something worse than wax.

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