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Rousha - posted on 02/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son who is nearly six years is imagining sexy things like boy kissing girl & naked girls ,..etc however he never saw this in real , only fast scenes on tv when we are switching the Tv, so can anybody help me what is the solution for this ? How I can him threw away these thoughts ?

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Christina - posted on 02/18/2009




Are these his actual thoughts or is he just talking about it? I'm a proctor at an elementary and kids are always talking about sex these are 1st and 2nd graders mind you, when I ask my kids what it is they think it is hugging someone from the opposite sex. They here alot of things at school that they don't understand.

Emily - posted on 02/18/2009




This could be just a natural six-year-old exploration of the body. He's curious about girls vs boys, and some of the stuff on tv - even the quick channel flip can put an idea in kids heads. I'd say talk to him about girls and boys and ask if he has any questions about kissing and other private stuff.

My son knows all about sex and private parts and even how babies are made - he's known that since he was 3; of course it was all age appropriate (when a woman and a man put their private parts together a baby is made) sort of thing.

My son is very comfortable asking questions, which I encourage, because I was always too shy to ask my own folks - I still can't talk to them about personal stuff.

We've talked about everything - sex, drugs, alcohol, everything - since he was little. He's almost 10 now and still asks questions.

I'd encourage him to ask you any questions he has, ask him gently if he's seen kissing or naked ladies, or if he's just curious - don't be afraid to answer questions, curiosity about the other gender's body is VERY normal at this age - as long as he knows that sex and private parts are private, but not BAD - my son and I talk about private things either in his bedroom or in the bathroom, because that's where it's okay to "show" privates. He also knows he can talk to the nurse and the doctor if he needs to talk about privates.

First find out gently where he saw/heard about naked ladies and kissing - he could have been in the grocery store with you and saw a magazine that said "how to look good naked and get the man to kiss you" or something like that - it's natural to be curious, and it's okay to be curious. He needs to know that he won't be in trouble for asking you about things and for being curious.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about how to talk to him about the things he's curious about - I'm very straightforward with my son, and I don't make a big deal about it - I do NOT say that it is bad - but I do say that it's not appropriate for children - it's natural, but showing privates to anyone other than mom/dad/doctor/nurse is for adults.

Good luck and send me a msg for any ideas.

Angie - posted on 02/18/2009




I'm thinking your son is getting a lot more exposure than you are aware of. Are there magazines in the home that he might have access to when no one is looking? Does he have access to these items at someone elses home? The thoughts are there and probably won't go away. Speak with him frankly about your feelings on these subjects and then make sure that he no longer has ANY access to this material. We have our tv locked not to show any shows about a PG rating. Good luck and congratulations for tyring to make a change in your sons life while he is young!

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