My sweet 6 year old boy just won't keep his hands to himself. He reacts to every situation with other kids by shoving or pushing. He's not a mean boy, but he just chooses to use his hands and not his words. How do I stop this habit and show him it's wrong to put your hands on others and he needs to respect other people and use his words?


Sally - posted on 11/20/2008




My daughter is 5(K) and her teacher says "hands are for helping not hurting". Now everytime her sister (4)comes up to her and starts fiting she she's this. My 4 year old also using this with her classmates. She has a little boy in her class who wont keep his hands to himself. They also don't hit as much at each other at home. They may scream and yell but not as much hitting. When they do I right away say what are your hands for and they both have to repeat the saying. Hopefully this is helpful.

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