Need help with math fair display board

Christine - posted on 03/05/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




Help, I need creative moms!

This is my son's 4th math fair. We come up with a good project every year, but we fall short when it comes to the display board because my son and I are not the creative types.

This year he is demonstrating the "river crossing logic puzzle". You know, a farmer has to get three animals across the river, can only take one at a time, if he leaves the dog & cat together they fight, etc. The work itself is nearly done and the dreaded "put the display together" is about to begin.

I had an idea to actually create an interactive "map" of sorts on the board, so people could try to solve it right there. But how? Corkboard came to mind but I doubt the school is going to let us have a board with push pins of any kind....

On top of that, what can I do to help create a board that is nice enough to give him a chance to win? Neither of us can draw. We've used lots of color in the past, done lettering with computer and also with "classroom board" supplies (like a teacher would use in a class). We've created nice PowerPoint presentations, then printed them out on colored paper and put them on the board.

He doesn't have to win. He's okay with it. But last year his project was creative enough to get him in the local newspaper, yet he lost to kids who did the same "count all the different colored M&Ms in a bag" that takes up 3/4 of the math fair. I KNOW it's the board. What can we do?

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