Public vs. Private What are the advantages to Public?

Kim - posted on 09/14/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter has gone to Catholic School for her beginning school years. I have now switched her to Public School. OMG so different!!!!

What are the advantages in Public school that I should look for and ask for?


Tamara - posted on 09/15/2011




Where we currently live the school district is far better then the private schools around here.

its easier to get and implement an IEP, tutoring is part of the school if/when needed.

Jane - posted on 09/15/2011




In many areas the primary difference is that public schools tend to have much better options to offer for special education. The average private school doesn't have the funds

Sylvia - posted on 09/14/2011




Where I live both public and Catholic school systems are publicly funded (but nobody else gets this kind of funding -- don't get me started...), and I'm not sure there's much difference, except that obviously there's religious education in the Catholic system. Everyone has to teach the same provincial curriculum, everyone's got the same caps on class sizes, everyone takes the same standardized tests in Grades 3 and 6 and 9. Some Catholic schools have uniforms, I think, but a few public schools (mostly in low-income areas) do also.

Not a lot of people here send their kids to private schools. The only people I know who do, send their kids to Jewish day schools (which are NOT publicly funded; see above). The public schools are mostly pretty good, although because of the stupid-ass funding model introduced by a previous provincial government, there are often wide disparities in resources (equipment, staffing, physical plant) between boards.

As far as I'm concerned public school is what there is. We can't afford to send DD to Jewish day school. Even if we could, though, I'm not sure I would want to: we live in an incredibly diverse, multicultural city, so why would I want to send my kid to a school where everyone is just like her?

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♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 09/14/2011




I'm not sure how the schools are different because I sent my daughter to catholic school in the States and she attends a public school here in Canada. There doesn't seem to be much of a difference except for no faith based education. Her class in Canada is smaller by 2 students than the one in the US.

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