Want to know how old is that go to preschool?

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I'am a new mother to this and different issues because I have a first son since last month. So, I want to know more about schhol issues. Now, about preschool-what is age that can go to preschool?? 1 year old or what?? Which is best to send kid to preschool-age?

Can you give me an opinion or help? Thanks, Zuelika

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Dawn - posted on 02/14/2009




Out here in MD, we have co-op preschools. They start at 2yrs, 3yrs, and 4yrs old. I put my son in at 3 yrs old and he did great. My daughter started at 2 yrs old and she's thriving. The nice thing about co-op preschools is that they are only 1/2 days just a couple days per week (2 yrs olds go 2 mornings, 3 yr olds go 3 mornings and so on) and we, as co-op parents, are required to "volunteer" and assist in the classroom a couple of times per month. Its kind of the best of both worlds... the little ones get some school experience and yet they're still spending time with you.

Heather - posted on 02/11/2009




My 1st kid was preeemie so I had in home visits for him up untill he turned 3yrs & then he was old enough to go to preschool. I now have my 2nd kid in preschool & she is 3yrs old. Preschool starts for kids the ages 3 to 4yrs of age. If they start at 3yrs then they will have 2yrs of preschool & if they start at 4yrs then only have 1yr of preschool but preschool has been great for my children cause they get to interact with other kids....they just enjoy it so very much. Even if you cant or dont for some reason get your kids into preschool a good way to help your kids get a headstart is just reading to them....my kids just love to pick out books & have me read to them....not so much now that my son can read by himself....what a smart 5yr old he is.

Hope that helps.

Lucretia - posted on 02/11/2009




a one year old is two young for preschool activity. i think the best age for a child to start is around 3 or four. my daughter is still two and we take her to daycare. she interacts with kids her own age and she gets really envolved in the activites.it also has had a huge impact on her potty training.

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4 years old? Ok, I got it. Really? I notice that who people likes to teach their kids at homeschool that which is fast for them to learn for little kid until middle or high scool so they are going there like one of my friend do that. Thanks for your helping.

One thing is problem that I am deaf and my son is hearing. I have to get someone who can teach and etc to him if I want homeschool, you know?

Crystal - posted on 02/11/2009




Preschool is generally 4 years of age in public schools, but some daycares provide preschool to 3 year olds also.

I did preschool for my son at home, and we're homeschooling them through at least high school

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