wat r the perfect meals times for a 10 month old boy

Rabia - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son who is 10 months old eats semi solids but loves 2 eat solids n very fond of non veg but till now i hav given him only egg n fish n chicken,i dont giv him much.but am confused how 2 make a perfect schedule of his meal times n milk formula time.

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Leanne - posted on 12/02/2009




give him solids when he is hungery but also give him half a bottle off formula with the food but give a full bottle at sleep time thats what i have done and it works my kids eat pretty much everything but let them work out when thy are hungery because thy might not be when you are thy will at some point get into a routine good luck

Melissa - posted on 12/02/2009




Really you are the only one who can answer this question because you know your baby. In my opinion, I would give him a bottle when he get's up, then maybe an hour and a half later, give him some food. Then when he get's hungry again, then give him lunch and then dinner. I don't know what time your child wakes up so I can't put times on it, but that's what I would do. Happy Holiday's!!

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