what all should my 4 year old know?

Amanda - posted on 10/14/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




id like to know what an average 4 year old should know and do. and please dont post a bragg about what your child can do just simply what an averge should should know and do. my son goes to school and id like to make sure that hes right where he should be.


Bonnie - posted on 10/15/2011




He should know the major shapes and colours, to count to 20, know the alphabet and recognize many of the letters, recognize the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, be able to write his name, and perhaps read and spell 3 letter words.

I have a son who is in senior kindergarten this year, he is almost 5 and these are some of the average things he is expected to know in school.

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Amy - posted on 10/15/2011




Here is a website that I found that lists some of the motor skills for a 4 year old.


I know last year my sons pre-school teacher had us practice writing at home because my son was not comfortable holding a pencil correctly. We also had to practice cutting straight lines with scissors.

When the town did the preschool assessment for kindergarten some things they looked at for motor skills were the ability to climb up and down stairs alternating feet. They had him run and stop, they checked his balance standing on one foot, and hopping. There were a few other things they looked for but I forger, my son was and is still partly behind in his motor skills but is a million times better this year at 5 then he was at 4.

If you're concerned you should speak to his teacher about it, they usually send home a progress report after a couple of months.

Sherri - posted on 10/14/2011




Should start recognizing numbers 1-10 and upper case letters. Once he has those down pat you can work on numbers 11-20 and lower case letters,

Should also recognize colors and simple shapes. and be able to write first and last name.

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