What can I do for school holidays with interest to all ages 6-18..?

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Belinda - posted on 04/03/2012




We are in brisbane Queensland where it's warm most of the year bar June July August so ya it's good thankyou ....!

Tamara - posted on 04/03/2012




In the summer I was thinking about taking mine on a 2-3hr canoe trip. We have some areas that the rivers are only 2-4ft deep. Maybe the 18yro can bring a friend. Tubing is also fun if you think that the kids would be ok with that. One of mine is 3 so I won't take him. Of course you'd have to be somewhere warm to do that. If you want to go away over night waterparks are always a good idea. The zoo isn't usually crowded this time of year and the animals would probably be moving around more. What state are you in?

Amy - posted on 04/03/2012




Are you looking for a vacation spot or just activities in general? Does the 18 want to be included, the only reason I ask is because at 18 I didn't really want to do anything with my family. Activities in general, hiking, camping, ice skating, roller skating, science museums, aquariums, swimming, going to the beach.

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