whats it like to be pregnat

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Ricki - posted on 03/26/2010




Jenna, I'm going to be completely honest with you: I hated being pregnant. I would love to have been one of those women that loved it, had no problems, no sickness, no problems. But I'd be lying. Both of my pregnancies were horrible. I was nauseous for almost 7 months, my back constantly hurt, had a headache every day, and was just miserable. My oldest was 4 weeks early (6 lb 15 oz) and my youngest came on the Tuesday after we had set an induction date for that Saturday (8 lb 1 oz). I'm 5'4", weighed 120 before pregnant, and a petite woman. By the grace of God, I gave birth to both of them naturally, no drugs at all (I'm not tough, I just waited to long!). The second one, I started having contractions 3 weeks before she was born and that was the longest 3 weeks ever!
BUT--having said all that--would I do it all again? You betcha. I love my kids, and find it miraculous that they came from my body. I loved feeling the baby move, that's something you can't compare (except when they find your bladder and do an Irish jig...not so much fun there). All the torture that came with being pregnant (for me, remember--everyone is different, in this especially) was made all worth it when I saw my girls. Well, at least after my stitches were gone and I could sit without a pillow.

Erin - posted on 03/21/2010




being pregnant was amazing! i have 3 little girls, 6, 4 and 15 months. with the 1st 3 months i always fet excited and was in constant antisipation for when i would 1st feel them move and hear thier heart beat.i loved everything about being pregnant! i did suffer sciatic pain, high blood pressure and savere edema with my 1st, and extreme fatigue due to a thyroide condition with the 3rd, but quite honestly i barely remember the discomfert. i do, however, remember the intense joy i felt throught all of my pregnancies. not everyone suffers nausea, i never did, infact i've never felt healther then when i was pregnant with #2. as far as labor and delievery i have done it with pitocin and an epidural, i have done it completely natural with no drugs and i have done it with the gas and quite honestly the best delivery was the completely natural. i will admit the best labor was with the epidural, but it just wasn't worth it to me to get with my 2nd and 3rd.

Steffanie - posted on 03/20/2010




You feel fatigued, and just want to sleep.. Your boobs are sensitive and painful, and usually are swollen. My nipples turned a dark brown color, and I felt nauseous all the time. I usually would throw up several times a day... You start craving certain foods.. I loved Jack N The Box chicken sandwiches, and raspberry ice cream, and cherries... Certain smells will make you vomit, cigarettes smoke, alcohol , cooking eggs, the smell of Cinnamon rolls... That still to this day makes me want to gag when I go to the mall and smell that! You always have to go to the ladies room constantly, and as you get more pregnant it get's worse. I loved being pregnant fourth month on, usually when you could feel the baby kick, that was so cool! At first it feels like flutters in your stomach, but later on the baby can kick you good. By the fourth month you get most of your energy back, have the pregnancy glow, and aren't barfing up everything that you eat. By six months the baby's flutters have turned into painful kicks! It is harder to sleep because you usually have to get up two to three times a night, and than baby wakes up and kicks you to death. My middle son, used to feel like he was doing acrobats inside of me! I never got swollen legs, my back hurt though. But most of my kids could kick me really good... I enjoyed being pregnant four months and on. I hated the deliveries, because all of them hurt like hell. (If the doctor gives you Potosin, make sure that you have an upaderal. If I ever had to get another C Section I would force the doctor to put me out. That was the worst pain I have ever felt! Try and get pregnant when it's not during the summer, because you will just be miserable. Nothing like being seriously pregnant, with bract and hicks contractions, and trying to survive the heat...

Tarsha - posted on 03/19/2010




well at the start...its very exciting, scary, you will probably feel sick all the time (unless ur lucky) have sore boobs, crave things u hate....its an exciting journey and ur body will never be the same again. Its amazing the first time your little one moves inside you.then towards the end you ust want it to be all over because you feel so fat snd have sore back/legs and you need t go to the toilet every minute!! then you get worried about anxious about the birth,but its the most amazing time of you life im still amazed that i made (with the help of my husband) my babies, good luck 2 u

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