your opinion on santa,easter bunny

Pam - posted on 02/17/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




hello and help me ok i'm very truth and my 8 1/2 daughter heard from a friend santa isnt real now i fixed that,but now the easter bunny started she told her dad and me and her brother he is fake and not real and she knows it .she never seen him.her brother is 16 and wants her to believe because he thinks she still a kid and needs too.he told me mom if you tell her she cant be a kid like i was,and my husband thinks she should believe as my son does so im caught between telling her the truth i dont wont noone else to tell her out of my home,everything else in life i have talk to her about.any advice please let me know..thank you

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Amber - posted on 02/17/2010




I agree with Kristen.. the truth is for the kids on the playground to blurt out.. If your children come home and are upset, you don't have to decide to lie or tell the truth. Simply say " what do you think?".. then you're pretty much off the hook.

if they ask you what you think.. be honest. Say, I believe there is a tooth fairy, santa and easter bunny.. I've never seen them but my candy and treats arrive somehow right?..

You don't have to lie .. just let them use their own imagination :)

Kristen - posted on 02/17/2010




I think this is a very personal choice, but my kids (age 2,5,9,12) do NOT believe in any of it. We still play all the games at Christmas... stockings, cookies, reindeer food, etc. But, they know that mom & dad do the shopping. They even have fun picking out stocking stuffers for themselves and each other. At Easter we do a big treasure hunt. They get eggs with clues to find the next egg hidden around the house and yard. After about 12-15 clues, they will find the treasure... your typical candy and gift filled easter basket. They don't miss the bunny one bit. Also, they have a special place to cash in their teeth for cash. That takes a lot of pressure off the tooth fairy needing to remember to show up in the night. I think, at 8-10 years old if you start telling them Santa is a hoax, they will have trouble believing what you say about other, more important things.

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