Moms with Teenage Sons

For moms who have a tough time with their ttenage sons.


Son's using Internet for Porn

Have any of you dealt with your teenage sons using the internet for porn? How have you dealt with it? My son is 13 & is currently (since last December) grounded from the...


My son and my husband can not get along.

I have 2 kids by a previous marriage. I remarried 1 1/2 years ago to a man who my son thought hung the moon. Since the marriage, though, things have really gone down hill. My...


"One word conversations"

My 12 year old son has lost most of his vocabulary!! Dont use full sentences anymore... only answers like "maybe", " guess so", sort of". He used to be so polite! How do i deal...


My 15 year old son

So its not just me and my son. I guess lots of teenage boys don't like there moms as much as they used to. Even though we do a lot for them. I really hurts my feelings when my...



Hi is anyone having as much problems as I am trying to get their teenage son to do homework? If so lets exhange tips :)


no motivation for school

what advise can one give when a child of 17 has no goal in life although he is aware of school education in general. he hardly can find the motivation to work for it.