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My husband and I just started our family. Our son James was born in October 8, 2008, and he's the most amazing little boy. I am still on maternity leave, and go back to work until June. I am so grateful that I get so much time with him before I have to go back to work.

I am dreading it, but I have to start looking for child care for him. Does anyone have any recommendations for child care or home sitters in the Basking Ridge, NJ area? I work in Bridgewater, NJ so that's another option for us. I would love to find somewhere that has flexible, part time care. I don't know if this exists. My husband is a pilot for Continental and has ays off during the week, so we'd like the option to have my husband care for him on his days off.

Your input and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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Kara - posted on 01/18/2009




We found daycare with the wife of another pilot. She was very understanding of the ever changing schedule.

Jessie - posted on 01/18/2009




if you are going back to work part time i would suggest finding a girlfriend with children that is looking for day care. if you can, organise to have her child (i wouldn't take on any more than one) one day a week when you are not working, then she can do the same for you. this way if your hubby is home there is no fee to pay, as in some childcare centres, even if your child doesn't go.

another thing, that i do... i have my daughter in part time family day care. I have found the most wonderful lady that does day care in her home. she is fully qualified and i bonded with her the moment we met. this is cheaper than child care centres and cause taylah is in part time, when my fiance comes home and wants to sepnd time with her, the child care lady is happy for taylah not to come, and doesn't charge us for the day. I found this a better form of care, cause there is a maximum of 5 children in her care and taylah gets all the cuddles and love that she needs during the day.

if you have family around, and you are comfortable leaving your precious little boy ( who is very cute) with them, and they are willing to help... this could also be an option...


hope that helps...

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