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Amy - posted on 01/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Does anybody stay home during the day with your kids? Do you have a daily schedule?

Here is ours however we're gonna be tweaking it soon since the kids are getting older and our youngest is about to be off the bottle, yay!

6 am First Bottle

7-8 am Get dressed and play

8-9 am Eat Solid Foods

9-11 am Read Stories and put down for nap

11-1 pm Second Bottle and play

1-2 pm Second Solids

2-4 pm Second Nap

4-6 pm Third Bottle, play and Third Solids

6-7 pm Bath and Last Chance to play

7-7:30 pm Get Ready for Bed and Final Bottle

**We only have one on the bottle. Our oldest has been off the bottle for awhile.

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Amy - posted on 02/18/2009




Thanks so much for your post Lauren. You have a really good schedule!

Our youngest just turned one so we have had a bunch of changes. We pretty much have weaned him from the bottle and he is also now on table food (yay!) so I just updated our schedule. See below. I also added our schedule for our nine year old. I love having a schedule, of course there's some days that we pretty much do away with the schedule because well of course with kids things are often unpredictable; but for the most part it keeps me sane having it and the kids know what to expect. Like for example, for my nine year old I post it on the refrigerator so he can't try and get out of doing home work to go play with friends first or whatever. He sees it on the schedule and he sees he can play but he also sees it's after homework. =)


 Evan and Hayden's Daily Schedule:

7:00-8:00am   Kids up and dressed, teeth brushed and breakfast

8:00-12:00pm  Play, Read Stories, Learning Videos

12:00-3:00pm  Lunchtime, Naps

3:00pm        Snack, play

5:00-7:30pm   Suppertime, play, bath, dressed for bed, teeth brushed

7:30 pm       Bedtime

Jacob’s (our  9 year old) Daily Schedule:

6:30-7:00am    Get up, teeth brushed, dressed, breakfast

7:05am         Catch Bus

7:30-3:00pm    School

3:10pm         Home from School, homework, play

5:00-7:30pm    Suppertime, play

7:30-8:30pm    Bath, dressed for bed, teeth brushed

8:30pm         Bedtime

Lauren - posted on 02/11/2009




Hi!  I stay home with my 2 and we are getting to the point where we have a somewhat set schedule.  I never did with my oldest, but when #2 came along, it got to be more necessary for my sanity, among other things.  It isn't quite as mapped out as Amy's, but here it is:

7:30- both kids get up, Logan has breakfast, Cadi has a bottle

10:00- Cadi has second bottle, takes first nap

12:00- Cadi gets up, has a bottle, Logan eats lunch

2:30- bottle for Cadi, snack for Logan, nap for both

5:00- both get up, bottle for Cadi, supper for Logan

7-7:30- start getting both ready for bed, including bottle for Cadi, usualy asleep by 8:30

3:00AM- Cadi still wakes up for a bottle, working on weaning her off this feeding

Cadi is starting on cereal, but that hasn't been consistent yet.

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