Faceing fear for my husbands joy....

Tanya - posted on 07/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband loves motocycles, 2 years ago he bought one. I didn't mind it really something he likes and he did always want one so no problem. Now me I don't really like them I worry everytime he "rides" it to work instead of his car he does not like to wear a helmet he don't own one he takes the highway so he's going fast. It drives me crazy. I also don't really like riding on it very much.. He loves for me to go for rides with him he even bought me a back seat (a sissy bar is what they call it) since the bike he bought didn't have one. I agreed to do the "toys for tots" christmas ride with him it was in town so I would only be on the bike a little while and it was on side roads so we wouldn't be going crazy fast. I have went with him a few place in town like to the movies and just for a ride around the neighborhood area that is enough thrill for me.. lol.. But this past weekend we were invited to a "motocycle wedding" we would be in the "wedding ride around town" the FUN part this wedding is out of town 3 1/2 hours away on the highway.. So for the two weeks before July 2 (the big day) I thought about how I can get out of this wedding it was for family so it really would be improper. I told my husband ok I'll take the car and you can ride the bike there. He said just come with me, we aren't taking the kids so we can ride out there in the morning and come home that night. I finally agreed so came Thursday night, I watched the weather and it said 20% chance of morning rain so he promised that if it was rainning in the morning we would just take the car and we would have to miss the ride around town. But the next morning it was SUNNY! So i got all ready to go on this 3 1/2 hour motocycle ride that I was fearing so much my husband was very excited and happy I was going with him. we left I was suprised the ride there was very nice warm and besides my butt getting numb from the vibration it was ok... We arrived and we went to the wedding it was beautiful his uncle was so happy we made it and the ride around town was great too.. I was happy I got past my fear and made my husband happy and his uncle on his big day.. Then came the time to go home another 3 1/2 hours on the bike back, I told him it was time to go cause I didn't really want to ride in the dark I don't even like to drive in my car from there on the highway home in the dark. So we said our goodbyes and got ready to go I looked in the sky and I could see dark clouds all around, I said you think its going to rain? My husband says it might sprinkle a little but we'll be outta here by then. So we got gas and got on the highway. About 1 hour on the bike and I could see these thick clouds close to the ground moving creepy in the sky and then it started pouring!!!!! Felt like I was being shot with a gun over and over and over again, there was no over pass for us to get under, couldn't see anything I told my husband you need to pull over he says he's gonna ride through it, GREAT! So I countinue to get shot with rain over and over I have my hand up over my eye so I can see the road a little and we made it out safe SOAKED and FREEZING but safe. we reached an over pass about 4 mins after we passed the rain. We got off the bike to clean our glasses I was shivering he was standing around streaching I said you better hurry up before I decided not to get back on and make you call me a ride home. So we got back on and we were off. There was big Thunderstorms all around us I could see lightinig flashes coming down from the dark skys YIKES and all I could do was say only a few more hours If we can get to the next town I'll be ok.. We got about 30 mins from home and hit a big thunderstorm with rain we had to pull over but at least there was a place to go into, my back was still soaking from the earlier rain storm and I called our babysitter told her we'd be home as soon as the storm passed we of course would owe her a lot extra money at this point, I was thinking I could have used it when we wanted to do something fun like go dancing or to the movies but stuck in the rain and freezing and wishing we were home and kicking myself for not just driving there did not sound like a good use for a sitter. lol. The rain stopped 15 mins later and we walked outside and they started this firework show in the town we decided to stay a bit an watch. I was pround we were so close to home and we didn't die in the rain and that the trip was almost over... I looked at my husband an I without a dout knew we'd be telling our grandchildren about the first time grandpa took grandma on the bike out of town and just how much she love it ~ ya ... lol Oh the things we do for the ones we love....

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Tanya - posted on 07/12/2010




No Veronique no point really, just wanted to share my ride with someone, it's not only about a point or learning something or even asking questions on here what is great is being able to be ourselfs and loving our husbands and encouraging others to do the same its what makes a relationship last being able to just have fun no matter what your doing in a relationship and mine is no different. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband our relationship or our life together didn't start out wonderful not even good but we have made it to a loving and great point in our lives and I am thankful for that and so this is one good memory and story that I will be sharing with my children and grandchildren so hopefully one day it may help the future generations in my family work through a compromise with a spouse and know that it may turn out ok, I was proud of myself for giving my husband this ride he deserved he does so much and I do tend to say no offten when it comes to somethings he likes and I don't this time I didn't and I did it for him and I learned alot more about compromise then I did before this ride and how it is important for me to share in some of the things he loves even if I don't.. We are going out of town again on the bike on a 2 hour ride Saturday to a bike rally, I didn't say no this I said OK because I know he enjoyed it tons and he loves me and wants to share that joy with me.. So here I go I'm praying for no RAIN!!! :)

Nur Hidayah - posted on 07/10/2010




hahaha..so funny you..Well i'll feel the same way if i were you..My hubby too has a bike that he rides to work and a car..But as for my hubby he rather make me ride in a car than bike to anywhere..now it's the other way round..i wanted to ride the bike badly instead haha..of cos he did bring me around on it only on a short distance..it's a no way for long distance ride..he fear my butt will hurt..hehe..so funny..Well Tanya Baca..let's do it for our husband sake..anything they wants if it makes them happy..i'm sure our husband will protect and keep us safe..*wink..There you go..What a scary, fearful yet wonderful ride..:))

Veronique - posted on 07/09/2010




Ok! Well i'm glad you faced your fears but i thought that there was actually a point to this story...........Anyway congrats

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