Surprise 30th birthday party ideas for hubby!!!

Angel - posted on 04/02/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hello to all you ladies with awesome husbands!! I have a great husband who I've been married to for going on 8 years. He is the BEST hubby and wonderful father. He turns 30 in September and I want to throw a surprise party for him. He already told me he doesnt want to make a big deal, but I want to and I know he would love it. I need some surprise 30th birthday party ideas so I can start saving for it and getting together a budget. Here is a little info about him. He LOVES sports. Baseball is his favorite followed by football. Pro and College. He loves being outside and hanging out with friends. He has very simple taste most of the time. He is a t-shirt and baseball cap kind of guy. I also kind of want it to be adults. Not many people with kids get time away from them and so I want this to be some adult time. :) I appreciate any help ya'll can give me and I await your ideas. Thank you so much!!


Heidi - posted on 04/17/2009




Just this past November my husband turned 40 and I had a surprise party for him. It was a lot of work, but I had lots of help. I booked the hall 4 months in advance and every week I set aside $50.00( because it wasn't noticable out of the bank account) I put the money a shoe box in my closest so he wouldn't find it. So I saved the money over 6 months, and in the end I had $1300 saved so when it came down to the day of the party I was able to pay for most of it out of what I saved. It was hard keeping a secret from him, because my 3 boys knew about it and it was a matter of keeping them quiet. I sent all the invites, via email, because my husband hates the computer. He has 4 sisters, that helped with food, my mom, his mom, and 3 of my friends made food. I gave them the money that they spent so they wouldn't be out any money. I didnt do any food because if I would have he would have known.

When it was time for the party a friend of mine called to say her car broke down and needed a lift home so we went to pick her up in the Hall parking lot. She had booster cables in her hand and said that she borrowed them from a guy in the Hall and asked my husband if he could return them so that she could call her husband to tell him about her car. And when my husband walked in there was 112 people there waiting and boy was he surprised. My husband doesn't like big parties and I was sure he was going to kill me later that night, but he totally enjoyed himself and found it hard to believe that I was able to pull something like that off.

Hopefully this helps you out a bit. Good Luck and have fun doing planning it!

Shauna Sue - posted on 01/30/2013




Just something quick. I'm actually doing the same for my hubby! Anyways I'm doing a "Minute to Win it" You can steal the idea if you want I have no objections. Found a pretty much complete list of little games you can do at home. My husband LOVES baseball...anything. So why not some crazy fun challenges its not baseball but hey its a game of winning or losing and having the time of your life!

Torey - posted on 04/16/2009




I think that it would be neat to have it around a sport theme.  Like maybe at a local sports bar or ever at a friends house.  Just have the friend call and invite your husband and yourself over to watch the game.  Oh yeah as for as the kiddos if you have a babysitter that you trust just have her make up a date night for her and the kiddos on the same night of his party.  Hope that this might give you some kind of surprise 30th birthday party ideas.  

Tina - posted on 05/25/2009




I did a surprise "Daddy shower " for my hubby when I had my baby shower. His bday was close to the date and knew I wouldn't be able to plan something so sneaky so close to my due date. I got our bf's to help. We had the part there at their house. I made it poker theme. streamers, chocolate candies that look like $1000 chips, confetti that were the shape of the suits cups, naqme it. I ordered a big sandwich platter from his favorite sandwich shop, fried chicken, potato salad, chips dip, soda, beer...all of his favorites complete with ribbons that say #1 dad, #1 husband. The guys gave him cards to eat out, was great. He was sooo surprised! It was hard for me to keep anything from him, but we pulled it off! The funny thing was was that he knew something was up, but he thought it was something bad because i was so secretive...he was so grumpy cuz he had no idea what was wrong with me. I was so stressed, but it was so worth it to see the look on his face and the surprise and appreciation in his voice.

I went to the part store and got the decorations all at once then the following weeks I placed orders and made invites and made sure to let people know that it was a surprise. Then the day before got the platters done and sent them to a friends house to hide. I hope it goes well and you get some good surprise 30th birthday party ideas!!

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Sherryaida - posted on 09/13/2013




i want to do surprises birthday party for my husband wit are bff yg husband, i just have rm200, what i want to do

Maria - posted on 04/28/2009




If you can gather his friends and their significant others without him knowing (it'll be a challenge, believe me) and convince them that you are trying to organize a birthday party for your hubby, and that you'd like to get a group rate for a particular baseball game on a particular date (preferably on your hubby's birthday) and you'd like for them to be there. And that you need their help, I can guarantee you, if they're really good friends, they'll be willing to help you! Of course, it has to be a home game for the baseball team your hubby likes. Then bring tailgate food, barbecue and all! Potluck, of course. It'll be the best party ever. If you don't like the tailgate part, you can just have dinner at one of the restaurants nearby. The surprise tickets to a baseball game with you and friends will make his birthday!

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