Any advise on getting pregnant fast?

Heather - posted on 06/14/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Our son is just over 2 years old now, and my husband and I want to get pregnant again. I am using the help of an ovulation calendar, but does anyone have any advise on how to get pregnant quickly? I really want to give birth in the spring time before summer hits. It may sound kinda weird, but this is how we want it.


CHARLENE - posted on 07/17/2012




i thought i couldnt have kids as had poly cystic ovaries when younger and it took a year and a half to finally concieve. i fell pregnant the day after i finished my period and had substained from sex for 4 weeks x

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Catherine - posted on 08/31/2014




I remember asking myself this same question month after month. I thought I was doing everything right, I tried relaxing more, not thinking about it so much, exercised more, saw experts and yet I could not get pregnant. Each month would end in heartbreak; the tears would flood down no matter how hard I tried to stop them, no matter how much I tried to be positive about the new month ahead. I’d spend two weeks every month imagining that every little twinge my body made was different to the last month, that they were signs that I was pregnant, that this month was my month… only to have the month end in devastation. Not one to give up easily and certainly not one to take someone’s word for things, I set about digging up everything I could about getting pregnant. I uncovered some mind blowing research about how to get pregnant fast and have a healthy pregnancy from this Getting Pregnant Plan e-book --

Kelly - posted on 06/23/2012




My doctor told me that most women ovulate around 14 days after their period. She suggested having sex every other day around that 14 day mark. It worked for us. I know from personal experience that stressing over conceiving seems to have negative effects. The less we started worrying about it the more relaxed we were and the first time we tried the 14 day idea we got pregnant with our second child.

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