diaper rash OR diaper allergy?

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My son (12 months old) is definitely allergic to huggies and he pees thru pampers. We have had him in luvs since he was a few months old because of this. I bought parent's choice (walmart brand) diapers the other day just to try them out and he has had diaper rash the last day or two. Is it coincidence or the diapers? It looks like normal diaper rash though. when we noticed he was allergic to huggies his skin was red everywhere the diaper contacted his skin as opposed to the normal diaper rash. another possibility is that they are too big and rubbing they run bigger than luvs so i got the wrong size on accident. Anyways wouldn't the rash be his entire diaper area if allergic to them?


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Alex - posted on 05/11/2014




My son developed a bad rash after trying out the Wal-Mart brand diapers Parent's Choice. He was crying incessantly and you could see the redness wherever the touched his body. Will be switching back to Huggie's now!!

Jessy - posted on 08/18/2010




i would change him every hr or 2 then put rash cream on it. if it doesn't go away i would put him back on luvs. my son is allergic to walmart brand and the dollar store brand. he has been on pampers since he was a baby, now a toddler and potty trained he still wears them at night cuz he still goes pee pee in his sleep.

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