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Sleeping problems because of a blanket?

Brittany - posted on 05/05/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Due to our jobs, my husband and I recently moved to South Africa. Our daughter was almost 8 months and loved being swaddled. When we arrived, it was the middle of summer and too hot for that, so she got used to sleeping in her crib with just her pajamas on. Now that it's fall and getting cold (and there is no central heating, the floors are all tile and our ceilings are extremely high) I started layering her and putting a blanket on her. The problem is, any time she has a blanket on now, she wakes up crying! She's a wonderful sleeper and has never had issues... help!!!


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Heather - posted on 05/09/2009




I used sleep sacs for a long time with my daughter & they worked great. You can find them in different thicknesses to correspond with the weather. She could get around in them too, via crawling/walking (though walking was a bit precarious). They come in some pretty big sizes, so if she likes them, you're set. My daughter got tired of them around two & doesn't like blankets... or they're kicked off unintentionally & she wakes up cold, so I ended up sewing some warmer sleepers for her. She wears pajamas & socks underneath & has a nice cozy outer layer that keeps her warm through the night. Good luck!

Heather - posted on 05/06/2009




You can get those balnket/ sleepers. Look them up online at like Target or some place like that. You put them in Pj's and then but the sleeper on them. I would try something like that instead of a heater. And heating devise that you plug in is very dangerous and a fire hazard. Especially in a child's room where it will be left unsttended if it were to catch fire ( very likely) it would be to late to save your child!!!! Although, the bath is a good idea also!

User - posted on 05/05/2009




I also had the same problem with my 1 yr old in the winter time he hates blankets. The only solution I found was to buy a small heater and place it in his room we would put it on the floor since heat raised and put it on medium. I would put thick socks, a onesie, and a fleece overall and that is how we got threw the winter. Oh and one last thing we would bath him with warm water right before bedtime. Since you have a girl you should probably dry her hair after the bath:)

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