when is a good time to switch from a sleeping bag to a quilt/duvet?

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lily is 14 months and i'm just wondering when and how to switch to normal bedding, since i can't find sleeping bags bigger than size 2 and she'll be too tall soon!

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yeah, lily is like her dad and overheats really easily! i think i'll just have to bite the bullet eventually and get her used to normal bedding. i think i might as well do it in spring (august for us) once the new baby is born, since i'll be up in the night to cover her over if i need to anyway. thanks ladies :)

Bonnie-Rose - posted on 03/15/2009





I got my daughter a snugglesac when I moved her to her new bed at 18mths. Its like a adult sleeping bag but smaller, very soft and easy to wash and dry. When I was researching this I found bedding which zips onto the bottom sheet for easy transition from sleeping bags, sorry but can't remember where I found this. I do find my daughter does get quite hot in her snugglesac.

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thanks leron :)

i think that's the main thing i'm worried about... whether she'll know how to cover herself over if she's cold, but i'm also looking forward to her having more control over her temperature once she can. it's warm here in the evening but gets extremely cold overnight, and i'm finding that the only thing she wakes for these days is to have her sleeping bag swapped from summer to winter weight.

Leron - posted on 03/14/2009




Our son is 17 months. We just put a bottom sheet on the mattress and then his blanket on top. He doesn't leave anything tucked in. He hates his feet covered so i just put him in union suits with no feet and then he has his blankie. It works for him. He's even learning to cover himself up in the night if he gets cold.

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