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Do not buy specialty babies/toddlers foods! They are over processed and expensive. I raised my daughter on fresh fruit and vegies and regular yoghurts. These were so much more inexpensive, especially as I made all her meals and froze them. I did have to buy formula and iron enriched cereals, but that was it.


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I agree- it's so easy to cook up and freeze small quantities of fruit at first (use ice-cube trays) and later, when they can handle lumps it really pays to start feeding them your food as much as you can. They will usually try whatever they see you eating and in the long term they will be much less fussy eaters. Stews, casseroles, mild creamy curries etc are all really good choices as are rice, pasta and mashed potato. If you are having cooked veg then give them some too. They love things they can hang on to- I do carrots cut into sticks, fresh asparagus, baby corn, broccoli and cauliflower for my 9 month old son and he loves them all.

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