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The joys of having a new baby are endless. From their first grin to that sweet waddlewalk,
your new bundle of joy will bring you lots of smiles and happiness. They will also
bring you bills and grocery lists that will astound you! So, how do you curb some of the
spending when it comes to baby products? Easy….you search out the free samples and
clubs to get discounts on everything from bath products to food to toys!
Remember that when you have a little one, you don’t have to settle for paying the full
price for everything. You can always find coupons and free samples all over the internet,
newspapers, and even from family and friends. Saving money on the items that you
purchase everyday for your baby will help to ease some of the stress and worry about all
the money you have to spend and let you relax and enjoy that precious bundle of joy!
Like many new moms I quickly became frustrated with the costs of the many baby
products needed. I turned to the internet determined to find coupons and freebies to help
me. One site after another promised “Free” this and “Free” that, but fell short of actually
giving me “Free” anything without requiring that I spend money on other products or
sign up for product offers like credit cards or book clubs.
I decided that in order to find the freebies, coupons and money saving tips and tricks
available that I would have to put my mind to it and really spend some time researching
what sites were truly free offers and what ones was a waste of time. I spent countless
hours going to every site I could find, and trying all the links to find out which were for
truly free items and coupons and which were pointless and required commitments to
other products I had no interest in. I was able to compile a list of tips, tricks and sites that
will 100% guarantee that by doing nothing more then registering your name address and
email address you will get free coupons and samples of formula, baby food, diapers and
other great baby products to help you defer the increasing costs of raising a child.
New parents can anticipate spending from $1500 - $2000 on formula alone during the
baby's first year. And that doesn't include the bottles, liners, nipples, and if formula is
needed past a baby's 12th month!!!
Here are some tips and ideas to help you out:
1a. Baby formula. Once you know what brand you want to use, go to their site and
register with them. By registering with that manufacturer, you are now in line to get free
samples of their products, great baby information, free coupons, books, and all kinds of
other great offers and samples. Some sites also will ask you to join one of their consumer
panels where you can get even more free items and products just to tell them if you like
them or not! Register the father, grandparents and even close friends (make sure you tell
them first!) Most sites only condition is a unique address and email address to be in
compliance with their “one per household” rule.

Here are links to some of the most popular formula sites:
Enfamil -
Similac -
Parents Choice -
Nature's One is offering a sample of Baby's Only Organic® Toddler DAIRY or SOY
pediatric formula. This single-serve pouch makes one 8-ounce bottle. To receive a singleserve
sample of DAIRY or SOY, please call (614) 898-9758 and select option #2 (follow
the automated attendant prompts to complete the process). Please only one request per
person, per household. USA delivery only.
1b. Register on ALL sites! Even if you are not going to use that specific brand, you can
sell the samples and even the coupons on Ebay or Craig’s List and make $$ to use toward
your preferred brand of Formula. More on this a little later on….
1c. Ask your OBGYN and Pediatrian for free samples! Here’s the thing – your doctors
do not pay for the samples – they are free and there waiting to be given out. Now is not
the time to be shy – ask and they will gladly give them out. My doctor gave me several
1d. Contact the Manufacturer
Call Enfamil (the number is on the can label). They have a few different programs you
may qualify for. These programs send free formula to families who request them. As far
as I know, there are no restrictions. You just have to ask.
Similac - call their 800 number (on label) and they will send coupons for free formula
(any type of formula!). My husband and I did this and were able to get a lot of free
Nestle Good Start -
Members Mark -

1e. Check with your local hospital. They often have tons of samples that just sit on their
shelves, waiting for their expiration date
2. Breastfeeding - you can find great free samples and great coupons for items like:
breast pads, breast balm, breast pumps, breast milk storage, and many other items that
you will use daily. You can either go to a specific manufacturer’s web site or you can
simply search out the products that you currently use. Either way, by joining the list for
some of the top manufacturer’s sites, you will get the same perks that a mother who uses
formula will. You will get free samples, coupons, books, information, and other great
products and ideas to help you out. See 1b above for another reason to register even if
you are breast feeding!
3. Solid foods -make sure that you register with every baby food manufacturer out there!
Each different brand will send you great coupons and free samples of their products and
most have panels that you can join to get even more free stuff, and all you have to do is to
tell them if baby spit their food out or not! Don’t register too early or the coupons will
expire before you get a chance to use them. Most babies are introduced to baby
food/cereal around 5 – 6 months. Be sure to check with your pediatrician and follow
their guidance as every child is different.
4. Baby bath products, the major manufacturers will offer the best coupons and free
samples. If you can’t find offers for free samples or coupons from the manufacturers site,
then you can head over to some of the major discount store sites, such as and register for free samples of baby items there. You can also find
many great sites out there that are dedicated to baby and baby products where you will
find awesome coupons and free samples on everything that you can think of.
More manufacturer sites to register at: – sign up and receive a special thank you offer. Also, be included
to receive samples and coupons.
Gerber Club at
Gerber baby food coupons at
Beech Nut at
Earth’s Best baby food at
Del Monte - hear about Bumpkins' online promotions, new
products, coupon codes & more - free breastfeeding
awareness packet - Join the celebration and receive friendly tidbits,
sneak peeks and goodies from Carter's! Be the first to know what's happening and receive
special offers only available to Celebration Club members. Get a 20% off coupon just for
signing up.
5. Toy specials - there are many different manufacturers out there who are always
looking for panel members to use their products and then give feedback. Some will give
you the product for free, and others will offer it to you at an extremely steep discount that
you just cannot refuse. So, joining some of these sites is another great way to get free
play toys for your little bundle of joy.
6. Free diapers, coupons and other freebies:
The Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program rewards you every time you choose
Pampers diapers, training pants and wipes for your growing baby. Once you've become a
member of and added Gifts to Grow to your benefits, you can start
collecting points. Just find the Gifts to Grow code inside each package and enter the
code online at to accumulate points. Then redeem your points to choose
items from the Gifts to Grow rewards catalog. The catalog has books, pictures, etc… all
for free for doing nothing more than typing in a code on the box of diapers. And they are
diapers you will have bought with your coupons!!
7. The Sunday paper. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “My parents clip coupons, I
don’t”. But, trust me, start! You can find some great coupons in those little leaflets that
come in the Sunday papers for everything from diapers to food. These coupons can really
add up too, if you save them and use one each time you have to purchase items for baby.
So, don’t worry about clipping them out and feeling like your parents, just clip them once
and you will see the great advantage that they will give your wallet! I once saved $114 in
Pampers :
Huggies special offers mailing

one trip just by using coupons on baby items! And again, the coupons you don’t use can
be sold on Ebay or Craig’s List. I know it may sound crazy – who would buy
coupons??? But guess what – people do!
I had $66 in rebate checks for Similac formula - sold them on e-bay for $58.85
I had $35 in Enfamil checks - Sold them on e-bay for $33.10
I had $28 in good Start rebate checks - sold them on e-bay for $12
I just made over $100 for doing nothing but selling my free coupons!!! Now I will turn
around and use that $100 to buy formula or diapers in my preferred brand!
8. Online. There are many different sites out there that offer great, printable coupons
over everything from groceries to hair products to vacations. Registering with these sites
will not only get you the ability to print out great coupons for formula, diapers, baby
foods, and other items that you use on a daily basis, it will also put you in the database of
many of the top manufacturers of baby items, so you will start to receive great offers in
your email and mail for other baby items, as well as larger items, such as high chairs and
walkers. Be wary of sites that try to charge you $$ or ask you to sign up for credit card
offers and other “junk” you do not need. Stick with the true sample and freebie sites.
9. Magazines. With all the baby magazines out there today, surely you are receiving one
or two in the mail, even if you didn’t order them. New parents are usually sent out a
couple of free magazines from several different publishers to get them to order their
magazine. Take advantage of these free magazines while they come, as most include
great coupons in them for baby items. While they might not be for the brand of formula
that you like, they are usually for bath items, hygiene, medications, food, and the larger
baby items, like car seats, pack and plays, and other larger purchases that yo u will have to
make. These coupons in the magazines for larger items are usually for $5-15 off these big
items, so take advantage and clip away! Tip – look below for links to FREE baby
magazines and take advantage of coupons, rebates and offers in the magazines that you
didn’t even pay for!
10. Grocery store flyers . Your local grocery store sends out a weekly flyer to those who
live in the area. These flyers usually contain the weekly specials at the store, but also can
contain some great coupons for baby items if you watch them carefully. While these
coupons are only good at that store, you can get some great dollars off those everyday
food and formula brands that you are partial to.
11. Register online with baby item manufacturers . From formula to diapers to
everything else, there are so many baby item manufacturers out there, that you can spend
hours trying to register with them all. And, while this might seem like a daunting task to
take on, especially with a newborn, it is worth it in the long run. Not only will you get
great offers in the mail and email, you will also get free samples and some great coupons
that you won’t find anywhere else. You will also get great mail- in offers from these
manufacturers for other items that they sell or are promoting, and sometimes, you can
even land yourself on one of their panels to help with the development of new products or
foods. So, this can be a valuable resource for free stuff and great coupons for baby items.
12. Ebay!!! Yup, Ebay again….just do a search for formula or coupons for your favorite
brands and you can either get cheap formula, wipes and diapers or you can get coupons
towards the products you are looking for. My only advise if you do turn to Ebay is to
look closely at the shipping costs – you don’ t want to end up paying more then you
would if you just drove to the store.
13. Register! If this is your first child this usually goes without saying. But….even if
this is your second, third or even firth child you can always create an online registry at
places like and If this isn’t your first child you
most likely won’t be having a baby shower, but you can create an online registry and use
it like your wish list or items you plan to purchase for the baby. The act of creating the
registry will alert the store of your name and address and that you are expecting a baby.
This is turn will add you to their mailing list for coupons for baby items.
Babies R’ Us also will give you coupons and free samples if you go into one of their
stores and create a registry, and both Target and Babies R’ Us will give you 10% off of
anything left on your registry – which is even more saving for you – so register for
diapers and formula!!!!
14. On-Line Survey Sites. This is a new section I have added to this document because
I have had a lot of success with it so far. Most sites will ask you questions and have you
fill out surveys and give you cash or points, but some will actually send you baby
samples to use and then evaluate. I just got a case of diapers to try as long as I filled out
a survey about them! (And there are thing like this on there for Mom’s too – like
perfume and facial cleaners for free to try and use and evaluate!)
Here are some of the top sites. Most I can make about $10 a day on!
1. Surveyspot -
2. Inboxdollars –
3. Vindale research -
15. Check out other free sample sites. Here a few of my favorites!

16. Make your own baby food. It does not have to take much time if you learn a few
simple tricks. For example, consider that a four-ounce jar of baby food carrots, including
the water to process the carrots, costs about fifty cents, about the price of a full pound of
fresh carrots in most cities! Baby food in jars offers convenience, but you can find small
plastic storage containers that will do the trick just as well. Reusing plastic containers is
also environmentally friendly.
Check your library for a good book on this subject or search the Internet for helpful
websites. I did a Google search of “make your own baby food” and found many
informative websites with specific instructions on how to prepare and store several
different types of food. For example, on and I learned these quick and easy tips for making baby food carrots
while saving a bundle.
5. Once food cubes are frozen, remove and put in a plastic freezer bag, noting the date you
prepared and froze the food. Although many foods would be safe to eat after several
months in the freezer, a good rule of thumb is to use the frozen baby food within one
6. Thaw freezer cubes of food in the refrigerator (in a covered container), which should take
about four hours. If you use the microwave, be sure to stir the food to avoid “hot pockets”
that could burn your baby’s mouth. Do not thaw cubes on the counter at room
temperature. If you would prefer not to use the microwave, you can thaw food in 10-20
minutes with the “submersion method” by placing the cubes in a small bowl and then
placing the bowl in a larger bowl filled with hot water.
Here is a Baby Food Carrots recipe:
1. Steam or bake peeled carrots to
preserve nutrients (as boiling
vegetables reduces vitamin content
for soluble vitamins like VitaminA).
2. Puree cooked vegetables in a
blender or food processor, adding
water, breast milk or formula to
thin to the desired consistency.
3. Store pureed food in the
refrigerator for 48 hours or less.
4. Freeze pureed food in ice cube
trays to have pre-measured one
ounce servings. Fill trays and cover
tray with plastic wrap to freeze.

15. Make your own bibs/burb cloths/hooded bath towels
If you're handy with a sewing machine, buy a bundle of terry face cloths and some bias
binding tape in nice colors and make your own bib/ burb cloths/hooded bath towels. Use
good quality face cloths that can take the "abuse" of frequent washing. Also, stay away
from whites and light colors. This saves money in replacing dingy bibs and they are also
less expensive than ready- made terry bibs and much larger!
16. Saving for your baby’s future
Thinking about saving for your babies future in the midst of the new added expense of
diapers, formula, and clothes for a quickly growing infant can make your head spin, but
there are things you can do today (cheaply), to ensure you have money for the future.
Another site that helps you save is and their Futura rewards
program. Please note this program is for Canadians only.
2.Life Insurance – Seems like an odd thing to think about when you are starring at your
precious little bundle of Joy, but there are many reasons that buying life insurance for
your child makes sense. If anything were to happen, owning life insurance for your child
would provide you with the means to take care of all the arrangements. Buying life
insurance while you child is still young means you will pay very little for the policy
premiums. And most life insurance policies will allow the owner to take out a loan
against them in the future. This can help you pay for college or even a wedding for your
1.College – “WHAT??? My baby is
barely 3 months old and you want me
to think about the day they go off to
college?” Yes……because if you
think about it now, you will be able to
save a little at a time and in 18 years
you will be able to help your child
pay for college.
One great site to help you do this
Register your debit/credit cards and
grocery store shopper’s club cards
and earn a percentage towards your
child’s college education.
You can even invite friends and
family to sign up and they too will be
helping you save by doing no more
then shopping and buying products
they would buy anyway.

child. One site to check out that not only allows you to borrow against the policy but also
doubles when your child gets older is
3.Start a savings account for you child NOW!!! If you can afford to put in $20 a week
(which you should be able to once you are saving $$ on supplies using all these
freebies!!!) the by the time your child is old enough to attend college you will have saved
$18,720 (not counting interest!!)
More freebies: - free fever detecting thermometer
ordersrc=offersquest – free American Baby magazine - receive FREE baby
products and coupons from major baby companies such as Gerber, Nestle Carnation, and
Mead Johnson Nutritionals. – for a free sample of Ensure Shakes –
Great for any mom who has limited time to eat breakfast!
Free subscription to Baby Talk Magazine
Free Juicy-Juice sippy cup
Hot Mom driving Magnet
"Diaper Genie" Free for twins or more (call before the babies are 3 months old) 1-800-
Little Remedies Coupons and offers
Free samples of Always pads
Receive a booklet by mail of over $29 in savings on great home care products

$2 Frebreeze coupon
Free printable baby tooth chart
Enroll your child in the Toys R’ Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club
Sam’s club samples for members
Free samples for mom’s
FREE 32 oz bottle of Similac NeoSure
Orajel free coupon
Free circus tickets - Every child born during the past 12 months and living in the United States
(the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii) is entitled to receive his or her first
ticket to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®-- absolutely FREE! Use anytime, anywhere. No
expiration date.
Print your own $1.00 coupon for your next purchase on GoodNites® Sleep Pants
To receive free samples of wipes and hand sanitizer,
please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
27068 La Paz Road
Suite #200
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Be sure to include:
· Products you would like to sample
· First and last name
· Address, city, state, and zip, telephone #

To Receive a Note from the President announcing your baby’s birth:
Send baby's name, address, and birth date to:
White House Greetings Office
Room 39
Washington, DC 20500
Companies to Call to Receive Free Baby Stuff
**Note that most numbers are only available during normal business
Free New Mothers Kit from Pfizer Call 1-800-223-0182-Say you are
interested in the New Mother's Kit and also let them know if you are having
twins or triplets. They will ask how you heard of this offer; tell them a friend
told you. You get Desitin, Pediacare, Purell, and other Pfizer products.
Evenflo 1-800-233-Baby free gift pack for Multiples- full of bottles, nipples
and toys
Window Covering Safety Council free childproofing kit for window blinds, Call
Balmex 1-866-844-2798 press 0 - free sample/coupons
Carnation Good Start 1-800-242-5200 free club with checks free and dollars
off formula if you have twins or more they will send you even more coupons
for free formula.
Del Monte 1-800-USA- BABY (coupons/samples)
Earths Best 1-800-434-4246 press #1 for free coupons
Free Evenflo Product Coupons, Booklets and Information, Call
First Years 1-800-533-6708 free toys for Multiples
Gerber 1-800-443-7237 free coupons - be sure you tell them if you are
having multiples
Huggies 1-800-544-1847 samples and coupons (make sure you tell them if
you are having twins/triplets)

Johnson and Johnson 1-800-526-3967 coupons, and for multiples coupons for
free items.
Luvs 1-800-699-7916 coupons for Multiples
Pedia Care 1-800-717-2824 $23.00 in cents off coupons and coupons for
free items new mothers pack (some of their products are Desitin,
Listerine, Pedia Care, Purell) Great pack
Similac 1-800-Baby-Line Welcome addition club checks for formula and info
Twins magazine 1-888-558-9467 they will send you a back issue to see if
you like it.
Nestle Infant Nutrition 1-800-222-0453 http://
They send coupons for 5 cans of carnation good start formula
Playtex Products 1800-222-0453 Twins-bottle kit, liners and pacifiers.
Triplets-2 bottle kits, liners and pacifiers. Quads-3 bottle kits, liners and
Evenflo Products Multiple Birth Program
1000 Evenflo Drive Canton, GA 30114 1-800-356-2229
Twins-starter kit, disposable liners and coupons. Triplets-starter kits, liners,
coupons and bibs Quads- starter kits, liners, coupons and bibs
Scott Paper Co. - Call 1-800-TEL-SCOT to receive free Baby Fresh Wipes for
Playtex Products 1800-222-0453 Twins-bottle kit, liners and pacifiers.
Triplets-2 bottle kits, liners and pacifiers. Quads-3 bottle kits, liners and
Johnson & Johnson 1-800-526-3967 Twins- gift packet. Triplets-gift packet.
Quads-gift packet
Mead & Johnson 1-800-222-9123
You can receive a one time shipment of complimentary formula; one case for
each baby.
Proctor & Gamble Company Pampers Multiple Birth Program 1-800-543-0480
Beechnut Food Corp 800-beechnut http://
Twins-promotional packet and 2x the coupons. Triplets-promotional packet
and 3x the coupons. Quads-promotional packet and 4x the coupons.

Bristol-Myers Multiple Birth Program 1800-422-2902 ask for coupons and
H.J. Heinz Consumer Services 1-800-872-2229 Send coupons for baby
Modial Industries 216-626-4490 Different gifts, some people get diaper
Carnation 800-242-5200 Carnation does not have a multiple program, but
you can call every week or so and get coupons.
They do have a Special Delivery Club for expectant
mothers: 1-800-547-9400, Carnation sends booklets on pregnancy, nutrition,
formula coupons, samples, order forms for upcoming programs and other
Midas 800-621-0144 Midas dealers offer discounts on car sets. You can
return the seats to Midas and get credit for services at any Midas shop.
Scott Paper Co.1-800-TEL-SCOTTwins-coupons for free Baby Fresh and
Wash a-bye Baby Triplets-coupons for free Baby Fresh
and Wash a-bye Baby Quads-coupons for free Baby Fresh and Wash a-bye
Ansa Bottle Co., 1-800-527-1096 Triplets or more only
Little Me, 1-800-533-5437/1-301-729-4488 Triplets or more only
Mother's Little Miracle, 1-310-544-7125 Triplets or more only
One Step Ahead Catalog, 1-800-274-8440
COUPON for a FREE any size Baby Magic Product 1-800-228-7408
1-800-54-AVENT: Avent catalog (best bottles). Free pacifier upon request.
1-800-364-0580: Flent Breast Comfort Pack and Coupons
1-800-518-2582: Similac for Babies!! Ask for coupons and free case of formula (also
1-800-962-5357: Tylenol coupons (you will need them) - request for infants, children,
and adults
1-800-746-8888: Zilactin Extra Strength Grape Flavor baby teething gel (sample)
1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil or Other Formulas, & Coupons
1-800-485-9918 Free Can of "Store Brand" Formula from PBM Products
1-800-864-9714 Free Can of "Parent's Choice" Soy or Milk Formula from Wal-Mart
1-800-587-3721 Free Diaper Rash Cream sample from Xttrium Labs (in Parents)
1-800-843-6430 Free "Diaper Genie " Diaper Pail to Multip le Birth Parents (3 months &
1-800-292-4794 Free "Lansinoh" sample - For Moist Wound Healing During
1-800-588-6377 Free Cord Blood Banking Kit - Posters, Videos, Booklets, Stickers
1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil and Other Formula Coupons from Ross Pediatrics
1-800-962-5357 Free Tylenol Product Coupons for Tylenol Products of Your Choice
1-800-344-1358 Free $5 Rebate on a Case of "Babymil" or "Babysoy" Formulas
1-800-547-9400 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Free Magazine Subscription
1-800-543-3112 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Booklet
1-800-242-5200 Free Carnation Follow-Up Formula Coupons and Booklet
1-800-544-1847 Free Kimberley-Clark Product Coupons, Booklets and Information
1-800-523-6633 Free Beech-Nut "New Parent Pack" with Baby Food Coupons
1-800-222-9123 Free Mead/Johnson Coupons toward Enfamil, ProSobee, Other
1-800-526-3967 Free J & J "New Parent's Packet" of Baby Product Coupons
1-800-952-5080 Free Baby OraJel Coupons for Cherry Flavor and Nighttime Formula
1-800-523-6633 Free Beech-Nut Product Coupons, Booklets and Information
1-800-356-2229 Free Evenflo Product Coupons, Booklets and Information
1-800-443-7237 Free Gerber Baby Food Product Coupons and Information
1-800-872-2229 Free Heinz Earth's Best Baby Food Coupons and Booklet (press #2)
1-800-344-BABY For Munchkin coupons (for bottles, nipples, etc.)
1-800-754-8853 Little Remedies coupons, info, and poster (Little Noses
decongestant aids, Little Tummys gas and nausea relief, etc)
1-800-843-643 Free "Diaper Genie" for twins or more (call before the babies are 3
months old)
1-800-242-5200 (ext. 291) Free Carnation Follow-Up Formula coupons and informative
booklet (formula for babies eating solid foods)
1-800-292-4794 Free breastfeeding healing and soothing lotion
1-800-746-8888 ext. 715 Free sample of "Zilactin" Baby Teething Gel
1-800-523-6633 Beechnut's mailing list, free coupons
1-800-587-3721 Diaper Rash Ointment sample
1-800-442-422 Earth's Best (baby food) newsletter and coupons
1-800-356-BABY or 1-800-233-BABY Evenflo coupons and information
1-800-4-GERBER Gerber prenatal pack, also call for coupons later
800-222-0453 Playtex Product Coupons
1-800-872-2229 Heinz Baby Food Coupon
1-888-935-5543 Triaminic Free coupon
1-800-990-4448 Kimberly Clark (Huggies) huggies rebate form
1-800- 518-CLUB Ross Labs Similac For Canadians coupons and samples
1-800-533-6708 The 1st years product coupons
1-800-526-3967 Johnson & Johnson for "New Parent's Pack" of coupons
1-800-962-5357 Free "St. Joseph's" Aspirin Coupon and Consumer Information Line
Baby Clubs & Programs
1-800-544-1847 (press 1, 1, 1) Kimberly Clark (Huggies ) to get to the automated mailing
1-800-565-2100 Heinz Baby Club For Canadians
1-800-533-0143 Kmart Birthday Club
1-800-BABY 123 Family Beginnings Club For expecting parents
1-800-BABYLINE Ross Labs (Similac) Welcome Addition Club
1-888-827-4223 Free "Ace Kids" Birthday Club - Member Card and Gift on Birthday
1-800-369-5437 Free "Fox Kids" Catalog, Digimon Club and Fox Kids Club Information
1-800-658-4635 Free "Fresh Samantha" Club - Member Card and Birthday Gift (ages 3-
1-800-524-8697 Free "Hot Wheels" Club - Member Card & Free Car (mail-in - ages 3-
1-800-775-9272 Free "Magic Attic Doll" Club - Member Card, Poster, Stickers, Doll
So, there you have it. Some of the best places and ways to find coupons and other great
offers for baby items that you will use everyday. You don’t have to join any club that
makes you pay a membership, you don’t have to beg your family and friends for their
extra coupons and you don’t have to shell out full price for those more expensive items -
all you have to do is a little searching and clipping!
Disclaimer : All of the Free Stuff, Samples, Trial offers Listed are FREE and available to the best of our
knowledge, and we CANNOT be held responsible for contents on those sites. Therefore Please be careful
when giving out your personal information online.
I also highly recommend you sign up for a free email address with MSN or yahoo and use that for all of
the registrations for the samples. It will greatly lessen the chances of spam mail and a full email inbox!
To make things easier, try to use the same username and password when you sign up for all the offers.

If you see this, leave this form field blank.
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