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DO you know any great money saving tips with a toddler?


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Well, I see this is an old post, but I'll still post in case anyone else wants to know things.

First thought when reading this was diapers and wipes.

Buy in bulk, diapers.com, sams club, costco, walmart, target, places you can buy them in boxes. Though sometimes you can find good deals at CVS or Walgreens with coupons from the paper, it seems that the coupons for diapers are few and far between.

For food, if your using jarred food, it might be worth it to get a small food processor or ricer and just mush up your own food. May save you on a bit of money there.

Clothes, I always check sales, no matter where I am. Walmart, Target. I LOVE freecylce.org, goodwill, salvation army, other thrift store. I get lots of my sons clothes from there because he grows way too fast for me to do it any other ways.

I do check ads every week, clip coupons really, even if you don't think you'll remember them. Some stores double coupons up to a certain amount. So it will save on lots of groceries. You may end up at different stores, but in the long run you may walk out of the store with a $300 dollar order for less than $100. It's possible, if seen it with my own eyes.

I get a lot of toys on sale, walmart, and freecylce or other yahoo groups that trade or give away items. I also find other household stuff there too, but I've only bought probably 4 items in the last year at full retail price.

Another way I save, is I've been doing this Produce co-op near my house. It's been great....7 fruits and 7 veggies that I would not normally be able to afford all that. So, near you may be different types of food co-ops.

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