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Dawn - posted on 01/26/2009




my best money saving tip is to limit your spending on luxury items. when i go to a store like walmart where there is tons of stuff to buy that you don't need...i try and stick to my list. if i see an item that catches my eye i don't just grab it and put it in the cart...i stand there for a few minutes and look it over, after awile my little voice will tell me that i don't need this put it back. i know its hard not buying things for yourself but you have to do it. we set aside an allowence for the week for misc items that we may need ex. diapers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc. if i can stretch my dollar and not buy things i don't need i usually have money left over. that money goes into savings. i take advantage of my stores buy one get one free sales each week. i check the flier on sunday and when i shop i look for these sales. i don't buy it if it's not something that i would normally get. they always have sales on bread, hot dogs etc. i clip coupons but i'll be honest i never remember to take them. and i think that the store brands are just as good and cheaper anyway. i buy my kids clothes at a consignment shop. i take their old ones in and trade for new ones. i save money on my cell phone bill by using a pre paid phone and limiting my talking to emergency use only and an occasional text message. i use my house phone to make long phone calls. also set up a budget and stick to it each month. write down all your bills for the month and save all reciepts for everything else you bought for that month...then you can really see where you can cut back. we did this and were shocked!! that's when i made my no more buying things at random rule. hope this helps.

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My best money saving idea has been to use coupons. I gather coupons from my family and friends Sunday newspapers and from the internet. I also join consumer feedback groups on the internet and get lots of free things to sample and good coupons to purchase more of that product after trying it. Some feedback groups offer points for taking surveys then allow you to cash in the points for gift cards, prizes, and cash. I made like $100 last year, got 3 $10 gift cards to Starbucks, got a $20 gift card to Target, got $20 gift card to Amazon and am about to cash in a gift card for 2 free passes to Regal Cinemas. I saved all this up and cashed in at Christmas and the movie tickets now at my Husband's birthday.

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