what is the best way of getting a boy to poop on the potty and not the pull ups he can use the bathroom for peeing put the poop thing is not working on potty need help???


Dawn - posted on 06/24/2009




i had this same problem with my daughter. she would go pee in the potty no problem but not poop. i posted the question on here and the BEST advice that i got was to give her grape juice straight- not diluted. welches makes one with added fiber. give him a few 8 oz glasses of that in a day and he will have no choice but to go.

my daughter started holding it cause she could tell we were mad that she wouldn't poop in the potty. after 2 days of giving her the grape juice...she was pooping in the potty. and she has ever since.

it will be messy at first but eventually he will do it.

Talia - posted on 06/23/2009




Jodie...I just stopped buying them. If he doesn't like the poo on him he will dislike it when u make him sit on it. Get a trash bag, sit him in a corner and let him sit there for about 5 mins to smell it and soak in what he's done. My 3 year old was trained right when he turned two, of course we had a few accidents, but he HATED THE SMELL OF IT, and like I said before, make up in your mind not to buy anymore!! It worked for me, I am a workin mother, so my sitter and I worked together and he was trained in no time!!

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