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Any ideas on a simple everyday mindset to start saving more?

What is the one thing you do that you know is saving you and your family?

Thanx for sharing if you have any ideas! ;)

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Sarah - posted on 02/11/2009




I am extremely thrifty, I save heaps of money by-

1.using cloth nappies (diapers) and cloth wipes,

2.Hand me down clothes or cheap op shop treasures (most of the stuff is pretty much brand new or still with tags on....babies grow out of things so quick)

3. home growing vegies, and home cooking (those pre packaged, single meals are way too pricy) Just steam a few extra vegies at dinner with your own, simple, and not making extra work for yourself.

4. I make alot of toys for my son, or I get creative and think of other ways we can use old household objects, eg rice in bottles, pegs, icypole sticks to post into cardboard boxes. Even using objects from nature, shells in the bath and sandpit, sanded sticks, pine cones.....just use your imagination, it will be much cheaper, and look much nicer than all those flashy, bright, noisy, plastic hideous toys, that allow children no opportunity to use their imagination.

5. Breastfeed, it's portable, easy, FREE, and there are no bottles to wash!

All of those ideas also have great environmental benifits too, less packaging, less waste and less landfill.........there may be a planet for our children yet!

Kelly - posted on 02/11/2009




Every Sunday I make a list of what I need for the week, diapers, food, everything I am going to buy goes on it, then I clip coupons, look online for coupons and when I go shopping I stick to my list. I used to have list and I'd buy all this stuff I didn't need

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