Motherhood after Infertility

A place where mom's can share stories of infertility, beating infertility, and motherhood after infertility. I struggled with infertility for 6.5 yrs before getting pregnant with my daughter. I wished there was somewhere I could have talked about my emotions and thoughts through that rough time with people who understood.



I have been ttc since may of 08, and nothing is happening. I have three children already, and didn't seem to have trouble. My first took 5 months, and the other two were like a...


Fertility Problems

My husband and I have one child that I actually got pregnant with while on birth control. Last April we found out that I was pregnant again. we were so excited, but then in May...


Femara for PCOS

My OB-GYN recently put me on Femara for PCOS. My husband have been trying to conceive for five years on and off and I finally decided to get help to conceive. We have an 8 year...



Hi what kind of results have you gotten with Clomid? My docotor has put me on it due to infertility because of pcos.


Hoping for # 2

I had my first in July 2006 then September 2007 I had my first ectopic and had surgery and did not remove my tube. After that September 2008 I had another ectopic but was...


New here...*waves* Hello.

Hi there, I'm new to Circle of Moms and to this group. My name is Maya, I'm 29 and i've been married for almost 11 years. Yes, that means that I got married at 18. We started...



Hey everyone!! I'm kind of new to this, but just have a quick question!! After 8 years of trying to get pregnant and all the fun stuff that comes with infertillity me and my...


almost 14 wks and still in shock

I just wanted to let everyone know to never give up hope. I was first told when I was 20 I would never have kids. I was finally diagnosed by a fertility specialist with PCOS...


Results with Clomid and Insulin?

My husband and I had to use follistim and AI to get pregnant with our now 17 month old daughter. There's no doubt that I'm going to have to use fertility drugs of some sort to...



So, I have beautiful 3 yr old twin boys, that took us 3 yrs to concieve and tons of money in treatments. I have been hearing a lot about acupuncture as a form of treatment, has...


Scared to death

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17, so when I was 25 and ready to start trying to have a child with my husband I immediately began infertility treatments. After an IVF...


Infertilty and PPD???

I feel like I am the only one. Anyone else out there that suffered from infertility finally got what you worked so hard for and after delivering your dream come true end up with...


Hope after tubal ligation

I had a tubal ligation two years ago which I dint regret having it done but now we are considering having another one but the cost of a reversal is 8000-10000 dollars and i did...