Motherhood after Infertility

A place where mom's can share stories of infertility, beating infertility, and motherhood after infertility. I struggled with infertility for 6.5 yrs before getting pregnant with my daughter. I wished there was somewhere I could have talked about my emotions and thoughts through that rough time with people who understood.


40+ and egg donor.

Hello all ! Me and my husband want to have a baby so bad but because my age we need an egg donor. Do any of you had a baby trough egg donation and want to share your...


I can't get pregnant!

I have been trying to Conceive for the last 2 years! I've tried everything, and I've listened to all the doctors! My monthly cycle is beyond out of control! I got sometimes 3...



Hi what kind of results have you gotten with Clomid? My docotor has put me on it due to infertility because of pcos.



I have been ttc since may of 08, and nothing is happening. I have three children already, and didn't seem to have trouble. My first took 5 months, and the other two were like a...


Results with Clomid and Insulin?

My husband and I had to use follistim and AI to get pregnant with our now 17 month old daughter. There's no doubt that I'm going to have to use fertility drugs of some sort to...



i tried for 7 years to get pregnant they told me i proably wont ever a baby. two weeks later i found out i was pregnant. i have polycystic ovuarian syndrome and thats y it took...


Hi, new to this group

Hi my name is Crystal; I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago, we did successfully concieve 4 years ago and have a beautiful baby boy (well 3 year old) . We also have two...



Hello, I just joined this group! I'm looking to connect with other moms who dealt with infertility. I have a beautiful 2 1/2 month old baby boy. I've been having a hard...


new to the group

Hi everyone just wanted to say hello and excited to see that there is a group like this out there. I am getting ready to go back to infertility doc after 19 months of no luck.


ectopic pregnancy

Hi my name is Jasmine and I experience to a ec topic pregnancies my rightflopion tube was remov I was pregnant the second time in my left fallopian tube and they just gave me...


IVF with frozen embryos

Just wondering if anyone has gone through IVF with frozen embryos. We have a wonderful little guy who was conceived through IVF/ICSI. We have 2 embryos frozen. I am just...


Kidney troubles after pregnancy

I have a beautiful 10 months baby girl. I'm 23 years and I had a really bad pregnancy I was put on bed rest since I was 6 months and developed preclampsia at 7 months so they...


after 19 years i had another baby

hi my name is nikki after i had my first son now going on 20 years i was told i was unable to have anymore two years after having him well surprise 19 years later i just gave...



Hey All! I've had PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome X for 6 years now! I have tried Fertility medicine to get pregnant, and nothing had worked.... It's very sad to hear that having...


Long road, and still hoping

I have a son and a dau; son by adoption and dau by birth. We tried for over 5 years before becoming pg with my dau in July of 2004. Now she is 3.5, and even though I just...