after 19 years i had another baby

Nicole - posted on 07/31/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi my name is nikki after i had my first son now going on 20 years i was told i was unable to have anymore two years after having him well surprise 19 years later i just gave birth to a wonderful daughter and a bigger shock i am expecting again
so anything can happen when ya least expect it does anyone know much about clef palet as my daughter was born can it reocurr again with the next bub

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Britney - posted on 09/21/2014




Hi, Nicole. I was diagnosed with PCOS too. I have tried Metformin and Clomid but I guess my body didn't respond at all to those medications. After trying for almost 11 months with no luck using Metformin and Clomid, I almost gave up when I was on the internet and found this Getting Pregnant Plan book from, I thought at the first time what this book could do to help me? But the website says if I'm not satisfied or not pregnant at all using their method, I could ask for a refund immediately, then I thought why not? 2 months after following the method on that book, I'm starting to have cramping and what I thought was implantation bleeding. Now, I'm 3 months pregnant! How great that is, right? You should try it too.

Louise - posted on 08/11/2010




Congratulations on your new arrival I am sure she is worth the wait. I had two children in my twenties and then decided to have another baby in my late thirties but I had lots of problems and suffered many miscarriages and when I told myself this is the last attempt my daughter came along. We celebrated my sons 18th and my daughters 1st birthday in the same week

As for the cleft palet it is normally a one off in families. My uncle was born with a clef lip but none of his brothers were. There is a good chance your next baby will be fine. Good luck with your pregnancy you are going to be a very busy woman!

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