dealing with the death of a live child. how do u cope?

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CHEYENNE - posted on 01/01/2013




thankyou julie i greatly appreciate what you have writtin. i just havnt found many mother's whom are " in the same boat " as myself.

Julie - posted on 12/27/2012




Sweetie ,there is no one way to tell someone to cope with the Death of there child...Trust me I know!! Ive been there, I lost my son Josiah Julian Peck Due to SIDS. He was Born 1/2/2011 & passed 4/1/2011.♥ All I can tell anyone is one it takes TIME...And that different for each person & how they deal with it. There are so many things that I can say as helped me & that is alot of support,Its been mostly online Groups ,but the people there are Great & are now like Family to me..There is alot of different things u can do in time with your Healing process. Writting,Artwork,just having someone to talk too.Ect. i could keep going on & on ,but the truth is that only you can really know when to & How to Deal with this loss & Living on in your life with it,Learning How to Live everyday,or second is more like it.♥ Im hear for anyone that needs help with this or anything at all!! Im on FaceBook & you can Look me up there as Julie Mcghee Peck. Lots of Love to You ♥

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