I had hoped for no complications this time!!!

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1st Pregnancy - complications and D&C at 12 weeks
2nd Pregnancy - Little boy who at 17 days contracted Viral Meningitis & we very nearly lost him
3rd Pregnancy - In March 2009 I gave birth to my twins. Oscar was stillborn and is now my angel forever. Chloe his twin was also stillborn but the DR's revived her and after a month in SCBU she came home. She has Cerebral Palsy but I adore her.
4th Pregnancy - June/July 2010 Ectopic and verge of rupture as a result surgery and right tubes were removed - I was told the chances of conceiving were reduced.

My emotions are really quite raw at this time when it comes to children and the nature in which I feel I have been tested over and over.

5th Pregnancy - October 2010 - a shock but very happy. Early scan showed it was in the right place. 12 week Nuchal followed on Christmas eve and I finally got to see 'mouse' wriggling. Sonographer said that all looked good. Had bloods taken 7 waited for screening results. When I received a phone call from the screening centre panic set in and I now find myself with a 1:85 chance of this baby having 'Down Syndrome'. They have offered me a Amniocenticis.

I love all my children unreservedly but I am so confused and upset that I am being tested again - I really do not know what to do!!!

It all just feels SO hard when all I ever wanted was to be able to enjoy a seemless pregnancy and birth. Just once!

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I got the same distressing call and nearly the same odds. I did the amnio, and it was negative. After the fact, I learned that the screening test they use in TX, the triple test, very often has false positives. If this is the test they did on you, I would request a quadruple test before getting the amnio, it is said to have a much lower false indication rate. Hope it all turns out for the best, you deserve it after the roller coaster ride you have been on.

Christy - posted on 01/08/2011




Wow. You have really been through enough. Remember, it's just 1:85 chance. There is still a great chance that baby does not have it. But should he/she have it, this child is being given to you for a reason and will melt your heart regardless.

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