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my kids r adopted

I have twin boys that are 4 and a we girl who is 3 there all in care and is breaking me how do other cope.

Started by Catherinedunn1886- on 03/28/2016 in Mothers Of Adopted Kids

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Adoption Dilemma

Hello Everyone, My girlfriend and I are due to have a baby in May this year. I have recently graduated and am still looking for employment whereas my girlfriend has a job that...


Adoption Aftermath

I'm 19 I just recently had a baby boy in November but my boyfriend and I decided to do an adoption. Neither of us were ready, we just graduated, starting college and jobs. We...


Looking for my daughter (and son)

I am looking for my daughter Chelsie lynn who will be turning 18 on 7/8/11. Chelsie was born Chelsie Lynn Jones. My name is Bridget Finke I want Chelsie to know that i faught...


i am a birth mother

for 18 years i waited for the moment to meet my son and daughter i finally met my daughter my children was adoped together my daughter turned out wonderful looks alot like me...


Fw:would you adopt a 16 year old

hi My name is Alison, 16 years old and i'm from China. i was a abducted kid. and adopted by a very mean family (i'm also very grateful, cuz without them i could've been dead),...


Sibling Jealousy

My 5 year old daughter is very jealous of her 3 year old sister. It's been the case since her sister joined our family at 8 months of age. My eldest was also adopted around the...


how to deal with Adoption aftermath

i gave my daughter up for adoption in April. 3 days after she was born [the 27th or April; She was born on the 24th] and .. it tore me up inside. every time i think about her or...



My kids got adopted back in may 2012 me and my partner are tthinkig bout having another will I be able tokeep this child andhow can I prove things are different. My kids were...


Siblings separated at adoption

Has anyone had to deal with siblings being separated at adoption? We adopted our first two and found out later that there was an older sib. that was adopted after ours. Our...