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Mothers of Babies born in 2000

For Mothers that have children born in the Year 2000


9 year old daughter won't wipe.

My 9 year old daughter will not wipe herself after urinating. This is causing a very bad odor too her. I have tried explaining the health issues to her and explained to her that...


Pre-teens and Make-up

My daughter just turned 11 on the 23rd. I have seen so much pre-teen TUDE out of her my head is spinning! On another note, she is now asking me to wear make-up. Because "her...


Why is 2nd grade so hard?

My son was born Sept 2000, he is very smart and shy. He is my oldest so it is like I am going through school again. Kindergarten and first grade, I got along with teachers, he...


Millenium Babies

Is it just my imagination or were a lot of babies that were born this year having problems. My 8yr old had Epilepsy, Intellectual Impairment and possible ASD. I have met a lot...



Is anyone elses 9 yr old girl begining to develop on top that freaks me out and i realy dont want to deal with it but it is time to go buy a training bra..... Why do we call...


Television Programs

This question is my daughter's question so we're looking for answers from parents who have daughters heading into the 6th grade this fall. What televison shows do you allow...


A new user

Hi friends, A new member here!! really you have a great site and much informative ideas are available here. I am Denise Jones. I am here to make some new friends, share...